Know Your Energy Consumption

Everyone talks about going green, consuming less, conserving and recycling. But for heavens sake will, SOMEONE tell me just how do I go about knowing which room is consuming extra energy? If in a community, how do we get to keep tabs and monitor the consumption of all the houses? The answer is quite simple actually; get someone to manufacture what Rocco has conceptualized. O.e.i is an OLED touch screen light switch that represents all your misgivings.

The display of this device is quite interactive and tells upfront how careless or good you have been as far as energy consumption goes. The animations and graphics show singular as well as multi-information on usage. The switches receive and send information using radio frequencies and use the existing network of power lines connecting homes and power plants.

They say don’t peek at what your neighbor is doing, but something like the O.e.i will make you conscious, and give you plenty of reasons to get back at those annoying power-wasting-next-door-snobs! Thus the community tracker has this wicked benefit!

In all, Our Energy Information tries to give you a realistic feedback on your energy consumptions. The average standards of consumptions are set based upon the number of occupants and the size of the house. I think this standard is pretty fair. The only thing left to be done is conserve a little bit more!

Designer: Rocco Avallone