Know Your Energy Consumption

Everyone talks about going green, consuming less, conserving and recycling. But for heavens sake will, SOMEONE tell me just how do I go about knowing which room is consuming extra energy? If in a community, how do we get to keep tabs and monitor the consumption of all the houses? The answer is quite simple actually; get someone to manufacture what Rocco has conceptualized. O.e.i is an OLED touch screen light switch that represents all your misgivings.

The display of this device is quite interactive and tells upfront how careless or good you have been as far as energy consumption goes. The animations and graphics show singular as well as multi-information on usage. The switches receive and send information using radio frequencies and use the existing network of power lines connecting homes and power plants.

They say don’t peek at what your neighbor is doing, but something like the O.e.i will make you conscious, and give you plenty of reasons to get back at those annoying power-wasting-next-door-snobs! Thus the community tracker has this wicked benefit!

In all, Our Energy Information tries to give you a realistic feedback on your energy consumptions. The average standards of consumptions are set based upon the number of occupants and the size of the house. I think this standard is pretty fair. The only thing left to be done is conserve a little bit more!

Designer: Rocco Avallone


  • Keith says:

    Why waste energy while you monitor it? All of these designs that show you how much energy you are wasting by wasting more energy are rediculous. If this were solar powered and needed nothing more than to plug into an outlet, then it would be fine. In order to get all of this info, the device would have to have some infrastructure created to send the data. And trying to find out this information is harder than you would think. I did a sustainable enrgy project in college, only to find out that the electric companies were none too thrilled to give out consumption data.

    • Actually the O.e.i. uses very little energy since it is an OLED screen. If you read the description you would read that the switch gets its power from the existing network of wires in your home!. And the infrastructure you mention is also discussed, data sent through existing power lines in the form of RF signals. The companies which are moving to a trend of giving out this type of information would benifit from this. just do some research to find out about the trend( So its getting easier than you think. Times are a changing. The less demand energy companies have the more reliably they can deliver to their costumers.

      • Keith says:

        The wires are not the only infrastructure that the electric companies would need to invest in. As they need the equipment to send and perpetuate that signal.

        “If you read the description you would read that the switch gets its power from the existing network of wires in your home!” Not sure what this part relates to in my comments, as it will still be drawing power from these existing wires, which was the reason for my solar powered comment. You are missing the point about energy consumption. This design just perpetuates the consume more mentality.

        • You are missing the main idea of knowing about your use. My whole project which was my senior thesis is about changing the consume more mentality. Many studies have shown that when you have this type of information people save about 20% of their electricity use far more energy saved than this would use, The standard light switch is dumb, meaning it does not give you feedback. My switch does. Also the OLED screen which is very energy efficient would not be on all the time using energy. Making it solar power would mean having ugly wires either exposed running from window or hiring someone to hide them in the walls making it not very practical. If you would like I can send you more information on my research.

    • Ossi says:


  • brack says:

    Who sets the standards for what is good/bad consumptions levels? Is it different for different regions? What if you are found to be “not in compliance” with the community standards?

    I think the idea is good for those who are concerned about improving their own consumptions levels, but can’t stand the idea of monitoring the consumption levels of others. Sounds like runaway government to me. Oh, wait a second…maybe we better check to see if they threw in funding for this in the bailout.

    • Ideally, it would be different for different regions but utility companies together with environmental agencies could establish standards and then have those standards improved upon as people get better. And take a look at some of the animations, not all are for monitoring neighbors, some, like the dollar sign are just about your use. I hope Obama gets me some money to make this thing real that would be great!

  • brack says:

    Rocco, I personally would be interested in a product like this for my own use. I think its a “descent” idea if it works. Good luck with it.

  • JamesA says:

    I have something called “The energy detective” in my house. While it provides the same info, it does so in a much less intuitive way. You should talk to them about taking their tech and adapting their display.

  • Tipu says:

    hmm I’ve seen this Idea already somewhere…
    sounds familiar?

    • Doesn’t sound or look familiar at all, mine is a light switch, mine uses playful animations to convey information, his is just another thing on a wall, uses boring numbers to convey information which is like a hundred other products and that one doesn’t include the community’s information So no, it doesn’t sound familiar. And my project was completed May 2008 so you have a pretty weak argument.

  • J says:

    I think it’s a very good idea even though it has been also thought by other people. I like the interface but i don’t like the egg-shape u gave the product… but i know thats because i don’t like egg-shaped things, so that would be definitly my problem. And about the option of knowing the levels of community consumption, i think that maybe it should be displayed as a general sum. Knowing what your neighbour does or not may sound really funny and interesting, but i’m not sure if is quite a good thing to do. Instead, if you could have a way to know the general consumption of the area you live in, maybe it could help you focus on your own responsability with the standart provided by the entity responsible of your living area.

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