Orthopedic saddle chair is designed for gaming without a break and backache

Seating ergonomics are constantly changing as working hours from the desk and individual video gaming sessions grow by the day. From adjustable chairs to those with lumber support and from cushiony backrests to airy ones, the chairs have not just evolved in style, but functionality and construction in a similar breath. To that accord, chairs with saddle-shaped seats are making an uncanny appearance as people who spend longer times in front of their computer screens prefer such stools and chairs above traditional seat types.

This transition is primarily credited to the back pain; which saddle seat configuration helps easily, at least that’s how we have come to believe. I believe back pain is generally because of static sitting; for long hours. It’s the lack of movement more than anyone sitting position that impacts the back. But if you are from the school of thought that believes a seat can make a difference to your backaches, an ergonomic saddle-shape gaming chair, with adjustable features, called the ‘Cross Mantis’ is here to address your woes.

Designer: Fyodor Lazariev and Farukh Imin

The Cross Mantis orthopedic saddle chair is designed for the gaming furniture brand SILIQS. The idea was to design a chair that combines the functionality of an office chair with the comfort and benefits of a saddle seat. Saddle seat, which allows an open hip position offering good leg circulation, erect spine position, and improved balance, is an orthopedically correct fit for the spinal cord, the designers believe.

After various iterations and toiling, the gaming chair – comprising a bent aluminum frame and highly cushioned mesh fabric – is made adjustable and usable with standing tables to do gaming in more positions than just sitting up front. Since the chair is conceived for a brand specializing in e-sports furniture, it is designed in contrasting color combinations with an aggressive shape. The adjustable back support, rotating headrest and armrests, and adjustable height all allow the chair to be more versatile to use.

It would take you closer to your gaming universe so you can reach further, sit up straighter, and have various adjustable positions to lock that perfect position to nail your opponent before the brink of an eye. The Cross Mantis saddle gaming chair is designed in individual modules. It can be shipped in a box and the modules can be assembled on site.