Win A DNA Mini Portrait This Valentines (UPDATE)

Winner: John H. in Canada!

The moment of truth is here. Do you love her/him enough to give an everlasting gift, one that can never be etched away? I would even compare it to a tattoo because it’s so damn permanent.

Cards we throw, candies we eat, jewelry, books…the list is endless but ultimately they are just transcendent gifts of glory that slowly fade away. In this ever-changing world the only thing permanent is the very fiber of our being, our DNA. As a declaration of our sentiments it’s only appropriate to gift something as permanent as this to the ones we love. Would you want to gift this amazing DNA Mini Portrait to your Valentine?

Just leave us a comment on how this DNA Mini Portrait would make a difference to you and your Valentine. One lucky winner will win this $225 DNA Mini Portrait, and a get a chance to make a permanent difference in their lives. Ends Feb 14th. CONTEST CLOSED.

Sponsor: DNA 11


  • willb0t says:

    cool present for a secretly geeky couple

    good luck everyone! 😀

  • zarkovski says:

    this is incredible for me… it is just an amazing gift for my valentine 🙂 chhers

  • mimi watstein says:

    i am unemployed, really struggling to keep afloat…and I have just met the most wonderful, most gentle and poetic man from england. He is a set designer…very visual, very much into design – and spirit. He has touched my soul, he has brought a sliver of hope to my life.

    If I could afford it, I would give him the moon.

    But you could help me because if I win this prize, I could return some of the good design and visual candy he has given to me.

  • Wesley says:

    My valentine… um… no more… but by giving this gift, she can see in my DNA that we belong together… Love this site… first site i open when getting to work… Awesome…

  • Tatsu says:

    i say everday taht i love him, i need him, and i need that him need me, and with this gift he can see more about me and my feelings.

  • Hamp says:

    This DNA portrait would make all the difference in the world to my valentine, like say for instances I get run over by a truck the day before Valentines Day, my girlfriend already has the blueprints to make another one of me! EXPENDABLE BOYFRIENDS; thanks DNA 11!

  • Bradley avron says:

    This would make me feel happy when I am feeling down and this show how awesome art can be it looks really good and it wuld make people feel very special and I like science and this is related to science and it such a Fascinating design and I love thing like this (I want one)

  • Haf says:

    My girlfriends lives 8000km away from me. Pictures are mandatory for us, but this is even more, this is like having a great-looking fingerprint of the partner.
    I definitely need it! 🙂

  • kabalak says:

    Two married biologist – and nowhere a picture of the DNA in the flat! Unbelievable! You must help out this situation.

  • Victor says:

    It would show, that each of my chromosome is in love with my girlfriend 🙂 and that she’s the only one with a key to me.

  • Leanne says:

    With a mini DNA portrait, i will be able to wake up with a little part of my other half next to me even when we might be countries apart

  • Helen says:

    This would be awesome…my boyfriend can stare at my sexy jeans when I am not there! 😉

  • Jason says:

    I love the design and look of this, and it would be amazing knowing that only you have that one unique design 🙂

  • Kat Strat says:

    I just really, really want one. My Valentine and I aren’t in to sappy chocolates and flowers… Our big “date” for the big day is to order carry-out sushi and eat it in our PJ’s.

  • Herman says:

    Cool to have this gift for Valentines, give her my DNA or maybe merge both for the new generation….ha~~~

  • Ron says:

    Yes! I want this thing!

  • diana lin says:

    nice! i want one!!!!!
    how do i get one?

  • Elizabeth says:

    Dearest Yanko and DNA11,

    While there is no way to accurately quantify the stellar connection between me and my man, surely a scientifically accurate picture of the true makeup of my earthly being will let him know how much I frickin love him.

    Yours Sincerely,

  • Dani says:

    I have to have it! 🙂

  • Terry says:

    Very cool. Nothing says love like showing what you’re made of. 🙂

  • xonegon says:

    It would symbolise the combination between her and mine, she would be touched by the gift, and our sexlife would grow even more 😉

  • Regina says:

    wanna have one!
    Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  • ömer says:

    it can make me ” robert deniro” in her eyes and mind :))

  • John says:

    My wife and I met later in life and have been married for almost 4 years now; second marriages for each of us and each with 2 grown children. We’re into our 50s now, so having more children together really isn’t an option, but this gift would always serve as a reminder of what might have been possible under different circumstances. Without question, it would be a beautiful gift of art on its own, but the hidden message of the love it represents would only be fully understood by us alone.

  • Ioanna Koukouzeli says:

    WOW!Thats really cool!!!
    Great gift idea for my husband!
    Happy Valendine’s Day to everybody!!!


  • Mediumjones says:

    Whee! Could never justify buying one of those… Pretty cool!

  • Janja Song says:

    We turn to pictures to remind us of people we shared the most precious moments of our life with. But pictures turn grey. Faces we knew so well change. Emotions fall prey to the life’s insobriety.
    One has to look beyond the idea of the constant change, and instead find reassurance in what is always and essentially true – and that is in the Essence… of Me&You.

  • Ryan WB says:

    I Love my girlfriend. This DNA would be the perfect metaphor for our love; its poetic form beautifully embodies the concept of how I am going to shoot my DNA all over the back of her head this Valentine’s day.

  • Julia says:

    My boyfriend and I share a passion for grate inventions and incredible designs. Daily discussions can be about the simplest designs or us analysing new inventions.

    This DNA Mini Portrait would not just a symbol of the love we share for each other, but also the love we share for grate designs and amazing inventions.

    My boyfriend is my first real love, and I had to fight quite a bit to be together with him.

    If I could present my boyfriend with this amazing designed gift it would not just make this Valentines day perfect but also our anniversary.

  • Ormus says:

    I don’t have any valentine’s day gift yet for my wife. not good. but the promise of some cool-looking picture will ease her anger, so please mr random-number-generator, save me!

  • Krista says:

    I think this is very unique. It would make a difference to my boyfriend and I because we have always felt a deeper connection to each other. This would be a constant reminder to him that I love him so much that I will share the core of my being with him. Please pick me.

  • ömer says:

    it can make me ” robert deniro” in her eyes and mind :))

  • Crazygreg says:

    This might help me to understand why I feel so close from my cat! (I will need the one from my cat too!)

  • Borisav says:

    I will say: “This gift, have all information about my past and the future, so you will always know who am i and how much i love you…only you need to read DNA Code 😛 … Happy Valentine day, my love!”

  • Damian Ponton says:

    My wife will never see this present coming. If I don’t win, I’ll be forced to fake my DNA and create a design of my own and tell her it’s my DNA.

  • leo Elyseo says:

    A gift that proves that our love is so big and profound who even is present in our DNA

  • Chris Corsini says:

    I could give her a personalized gift that could only come from me. It would show how unique I am. Just like everyone else.

  • HND says:

    In opposite to the users who commented before me – I have no really smart comment on the Mini Portrait besides that besides its digital form it’s still what it is: a symbol. They say “Love carry more words than one could ever say in a life time.”. It has its ups and downs and so does life. It’s just like the Mini Portrait shows, love is not single colored. There are many shades of red and grey, sometimes dark. For example: I have a very special girl who lives 10,000 km away from me. When I first met her in 2002, 6 years ago, we fell in love with each other right away. I was planning to study abroad and told her to wait for the day I came back to marry her. When our families heard about our relationship they were strongly opposed it, because we were from different classes and had different social backgrounds. But besides all odds, besides all attempts by the parents to split us, she waited for me, 6 years. When I came back last year and learned about the hardships she went through to send me one love letter for every week for two years I was shocked. Shocked because I never received those letters who were probably stolen by her parents before she could send it, but more shocked, because I in all the years I never heard a word from her and thought she had forgotten me and had married somebody else. But she waited, 6 years. Sometimes love is like a game against all odds and still but I think it’s worth the risk. If one tries one might lose. But it’s better to say “I love you.” and fail than to stay silent and regret it for the rest of your life. She’s turning 25 this year in march. At first I didn’t plan to go back to my country after my study, but now that there’s somebody waiting for me, I have changed my mind. It would be cool to send her this as birthday present as a reminder that I will come back soon and marry her. But if I don’t win a couple of home-made chocolate will do. I wish you all a Happy Valentins Day!


  • Arpita says:

    Everlasting and even when I’m dead and gone, I would like to give this to my beloved, to show that I will be there for him, even from beyond!

  • Erin says:

    He deserves this because…even when he’s being an ass we still make each other laugh. He deserves this because…his smile makes me smile. He deserves this because…he’s my voice of reason. He deserves this because…no man could match his ability to make my heart melt.

    And really…what man wants a fluffy stuffed heart for V-day?

    He could get a kick ass DNA portrait he will be able to keep forever.

    That or I’m taking him to a game…and really…which will last longer?! xo

  • BioBlog says:

    The beautiful DNA of the World.

  • medicdiver says:

    would love to give my dna as a present to my girlfriend

  • Michelangelo says:

    DNA Mini Portrait is a cool idea. Everybody can buy LCDs and add some photoshopped images. But your own DNA? This is unique, it’s part of you! How matter how similiar you might be, where you live or what you are, there is only one person in the world with YOUR DNA. And that’s shown in this picture! For others it might be just a picture but for you, it is a symbol of life itself! Thanks to that string of DNA we can live, fall in love, worry about debts and have fun watching baseball games! This is life!

    “DNA Mini Portrait – Because Life Begins Here!”

  • E. Hamilton says:

    So that is why I am hopelessly in love with my husband! One whiff of his DNA and I was a goner, explains so much.
    What a great light for getting in the mood to mingle DNA.

  • Ana Cardenas says:

    I wouldn’t love anything more than to get one of these incredible art pieces that showcases science and art combined that represent something so permanent and artfully unique. My boyfriend and I actually own our own business which is called DNA Imagery! haha. . DNA is an acronym for our names Derren N Ana. This is definitely a once in a lifetime gift… which I would love to be able to give. I would love to win this for the both of us!

    Everyone have a wonderful Valentines Day!

  • Edie S says:

    it would be the most unique present for me and my gf to remember each other by

  • e says:

    It would give him something to remember me by after I die of the AIDS he accidentally gave me.

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