2013 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

In about two week’s time you will be gearing up to spend some quality time with the love of your life and get all mushy and romantic. Just so you know, life is not all about Prada and Jimmy Choo shoes; sometimes a thoughtful gesture is good enough to warm cold hearts. To help you pick the right kinda gift, I’ve put together a selection of ideas that are very design-centric and yet personalized. Let’s say cheers to the season of love!



  • Jamie says:

    Another fun Valentine’s Day Gift is the TickleMe Plant Gift Set. With it you can easily grow a real house plant that closes its leaves and lowers its branches when Tickled or when blown a KISS!.


  • John says:

    Another great gift is standardcocoa.com… a craft chocolate subscription service that’s super yummy! I bought this for my girlfriend and excited to see how she likes it.

  • rebelawais says:

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