Future Cars Best Served Cold Hearted

Imagine yourself on that lukewarm desert highway. The year: 2020. The time of day: dusk. You’re cruzin USA, thinkin nothing can harm a hombre like you in a place like this. Just then you see the flashing lights of a RT20 police mobile. You lay on the gas, thinking noone can catch you, “el Mexico!” But you just got served. Served up cold. Because you just got passed. By the RT20 highway patrol.

Holy crap who gets passed by the police? You lamer!

But down to business. Designer Mathieu Lewis on the high-hat with the RT20 future car. The RT20 is a car of many faces, so I’ll paraphrase. It’s got a Liquid Hydrogen Injected Twin Turbo V6 engine. Super-Insulated fuel storage tank to keep the Liquid Hydrogen in a liquid state. Electromagnetic shock absorbers with the spring rate adjustable by charge sent to magnets.

Adjustable seat for either track or public road use (see below). The seat and controls are all contained in a movable pod. This pod can move to the center, left, or right of the car, making it able to easily adjust to any road system in the world.

The RT20 Highway Patroller. Police configured RT20 vehicle. Special “Fear Striking” paint job. Other features upon request. (Gonna have to ask Lewis, very secret!)

Finally, the key. Place in dash to activate car. Stored in key is drivers license, medical vitals, and vehicle date. If a crash should occur, the key flashes and yells and screams until someone on the accident scene picks it up. The key then gives them all the info they need – on the car, on the person, on the crash – it records the last 10 minutes of the car’s activity at all times.

So no racing! Little brother is watching.

Designer: Mathieu Lewis


  • confucius says:

    Steal from this shop and you’ll get a free ride in a police car. Id say it would be worth it! Be a bit of a firm ride back to the station though.

  • Barton Smith says:

    not bad. lost respect when i read “i key” though.

    • Mark says:

      Same. It’s not futuristic at all, and sounds derivative. The crash alarm is a great idea though…just don’t call it “i-Crash”.

  • Mixel says:

    Slick design.
    You probably need police cars. If it is possible to drive cars with these specs, then a lot of people will drive a little bit to fast. I aswell, I think, and I would use track configuration always.

  • saltynay says:

    One critical flaw if your prisoner is violent and restless do you really want them sitting next to you on the long drive back to the station?

    • Henrique Staino says:

      Indeed, it’s a ridiculous idea for a police car.
      Not to mention that more often than not, police officers ride in pairs..

  • Igor Chak says:

    Cool looking concept, but it is very impractical.
    You have absolutely no bumpers on this car (police cars usually have reinforced bumpers). Plus, if you have an unprotected hydrogen fuel tank the car will explode in an accident. The wheels are unprotected, one hit to the rear wheel and well…you have no wheel anymore. This car has lo-pro tires, if you drive over rocky terrain you’ll damage your tires and rims. Your headlights are way too far in to the car. Dirt, snow and etc will build up in that space. The iKey is a good ideal but there is a lot of flaws with it from a industrial design point of view. Think practical…

  • Sam says:

    c’mon thats too common

  • Ryan says:

    I’m gonna have to go ahead and agree with Sam….iKey….really? Those renderings are amazing, spend a bit of time on the names of things too, really lends credibility if you have a good, original name. Great job though

  • ya well says:

    It looks like the red version has been done first, a normal sport car, then turned into a police car… I think it needs more than bad graphics and few red/blue lamps to look like a good police car. And the “police” in the front should be written upside down. And anyway don’t waste your time designing something for those meat-heads! the red one was better.

  • MatDesigner says:

    Hey guys.
    Cheers for the comments.
    I’ll just try to clarify a few things…

    ‘Ya well’ is correct, the main version of this car is the red version. The ‘Police’ version was just an adaptation after the fact.
    The main idea behind the Police version was more as a promotional tool for the Police which occurs a lot here in Australia with the Police forces. (We had a lotus exige Police car here!)

    ‘Henrique Staino’.. yes Police do ride in pairs, there are two seats for a driver and passenger if you take a look.

    Again the red vehicle is the main concept here, the Police vehicle a promotional tool.

    • Henrique Staino says:

      Oh, nice! Two policemen who can do nothing because they have room for nothing and nobody else in their super-hype car…

  • MatDesigner says:

    Oh and the ikey name, not a big fan of it myself. Had to decide on a name in a very short amount of time as I was running out of time VERY quickly. So yeah definately agree on the name of the intelligent key not being great.

  • MPPdotORG says:

    This concept is so impractical. First off, there’s no way to transport more than one person that’s arrested because it only has 2 seats and that’s assuming there is only one arrestee. Even then, how would you protect yourself from them? There’s no cage!

    Also, this car would be too expensive to repair or replace. You wouldn’t be able to perform the PIT maneuver because you would damage your front weels.

    Sure the car looks great, but it would never happen.

  • M.S.W. says:

    I like the over all designs of both versions of the car. The Police version reminds me of the high-pursuit Police car in the anime “Sonic X”.
    The “i-Key” is similar in design and feature to the “discs” used in the movie TRON. Where as they retain all that is learned and ready for upload when needed. Would recommend that it should encrypt all data, and only upon proven authorization allow viewing of data. As well as have fail safe input as well. To evade the possible situation of tampering of evidence.

    Favorite feature is the quick adjustable seats.
    “Track configuration” can also be called Grocery shopping configuration. 😉 Since it allows alot of space to put bags in for easy access.

    Question: Are those “side mirrors” function more for mount points for side video cameras? Because they are very slim and appear below the viewing lines of the side windows.

  • Jnthn says:

    Fun concept, I like how you blended in a bit of tractor butt and modern “muscle car” proportions, intentional or not. I also like the detail put into the head lights and feel that the tail lights are well placed. I also find the large panel gaps interesting since modern cars currently try to keep them tight, plus the whimsical shape in contrast the the thickness of the body panels is playful.

    If I had to suggest areas to improve, personally I would reconsider the rear roof, I feel the double arch part is out of place. Also in general the lower valance lacks dimension in the render; I can see it has shape, but it comes across as a bit flat. I think in general the lower portion of the car lacks the detail and thought of the upper portion. It is quite often I find a wonderful chair ruined by lack of thought put into the legs/feet. How do you want your car to connect to this earth? As far as the interior goes, the first thing I would address would be those seats. Next, the instrument panel.

    If you find some time to play with your concept I would love to see it in that rich royal blue Audi puts on some of their cars with some of those multi-spoke rims they use in DTM(think clk dtm, audi a8, porsche gt1). Also, I think it is about 50 lights shy of being a police promo car:-P.

    Keep up the good work dude.

  • powers says:

    This concept actually looks OK without my Alias Goggles*TM on. Some things about it seem a touch unbelievable; panels look really flimsy and unattached, the corners of the grille are way too sharp, that kind of stuff. But overall the proportions and sportscar look are well handled.

  • TonTon says:

    Man it really looks cool. But i can see several flaws of 3D modelling. How can you ever send it to production like this? your “I KEY” looks more manufacturable than the rest of the vehicle. 😀
    But it´s cool. Nice rendering.

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