A Humidifier That’s All Concrete

Dry, arid climate is so bad for the skin, no matter how much you may lather on the moisturizer; nothing beats the simple formula of H2O. A slab of concrete with a bit of gadgetry gets us this Concrete Block Humidifier, which works with an all-important weight sensor. This is to ensure that a dry, empty bowl gets automatically switched off. Very convenient!

The choice of concrete as a base was deliberate says the designer, because the material has the unique character of absorbing and evaporating water rapidly.

Look forward to a refreshing, hydrated day!

Designer: Sang-Jang Lee


  • Luke says:

    Definitely an interesting alternative to those unsightly plastic models sold in stores, but I’ve got to wonder if the possible issue of mildew and bacteria has been taken care of.

  • Chris says:

    ok, concrete evaporates water, and why is there a power cord and a sensor?
    dont tell me it boils the water.. pls

    • zippyflounder says:

      chris, you could just barely stuff a ultrasonic evaporator into a hollow concreat block and run it via usb or a wall brick.

    • Luke says:

      Evaporation is affected by surface area and heat. Warm concrete makes sense, assuming it’s antimicrobial.

  • I want to buy one, how much are they? I paid $29.95 for one at Target the other day but has unsightly filters to replace.

  • nonameguy says:

    How do you buy anything linked on this site?

    • Eric says:

      Most everything on this site is strictly conceptual. A few products are made real by the designer, but usually for show. Yanko does review real products, but they are labeled as such. It’s a rare thing to see something on here become real anytime soon…. Of course there are exceptions, but I tend to fall in love with all the things not available for some reason… 😉

  • Critifur says:

    One could accomplish this by placing a lightweight concave concrete slab filled with water on top of the radiator, for those of us with radiators.

  • eapprentice says:

    the design looks to be efficient

  • Carl says:

    Eric lives in fantasy land.. (not a slur on San Francisco)

  • Berkana says:

    Unless you use distilled water, the mineral buildup caused by continually evaporating water, leaving dissolved minerals behind, will ruin the concrete.

  • charles says:

    It also is a great design. Some missing parts, has been created to hide the earphone cable .. Anyway, the best!

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