Smile Please! Shoot, It’s A Trashcan!

Dining at self-service has one major flaw, cleaning up your mess after you’re through with the meal. Inevitably the trashcan (front loading types seen in fastfoods) is ALWAYS full, or you spill the tray contents while shoving in the mess. Grrr! I hate it! And while I’m trashing trashcan designs, let me also tell you that only a bottle of Purell makes me want to touch those lidded thingies. On the flip side, something like this Click Hybrid Trashcan will make me want to use it pronto.

Using the aperture/iris action of a camera as inspiration, Click features a button that allows you to open the mouth of the bin to an appropriate size, so as to dispose the waste. Small opening for small trash like cans and bottles, big hole for big items!

Designer: Hyejin Lee


  • Lamah says:

    It looks really neat, but how do you comfortably press a button which is practically at ground level? Why not a foot pedal? Then you don’t have to touch anything at all.

  • csven says:

    I was at a company that pursued this same solution back in the 90’s. Couldn’t justify the cost; even in a market that was buying upscale products like it at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond.

    I’d be interested in seeing some of the practical elements. For example, the arguably non-user friendly interface on the lower front seems to indicate a mechanical linkage, but how is a linkage arranged such that it doesn’t impact the internal volume?

    In addition, I’d like to see how this is supposed to be tooled. I’m seeing either undercuts or some potentially unnecessary complexity in the manufacturing of the large white part.

    So while it may be a fun-looking design, a) I’ve seen its like before, and b) it appears to ignore manufacturing and market realities. Is there link to where we can find additional information which might answer the questions I have?

  • Frank says:

    I don’t know why I imagin horror movies…
    Attention your wrist!

  • Eric says:

    It’s an interesting idea I guess, but it seems more complicated than a trash/recycle bin needs to be.
    And the awkward operation of the button needs to be looked at. I’m ok with the location for foot operation, but a straight push back button, not angled like a foot pedal? I get lost there.

    • Henrique Staino says:

      Is there space for the lid operation? It seems to lack a bit of it…

  • Tommy says:

    maybe sometimes we open small hole for big item in hurry,i think the neat trashcan can not keep….

  • claybratt says:

    looks like someone just finished Portal.

  • miras says:

    how can I buy one?

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