Wet, Pause, Lather, Pause, Rinse, Now You’re Clean!

Environmental issues are close to my heart simply because I hate to see us waste so much of our resources. Water is a precious one that we take for granted and like it or not we do waste a lot of it when we take a shower or a soak. Industrious designers are coming up ways to cut back the guilt of a nice hot shower. Take a look at this Ishi Shower for instance.

Besides looking good on the wall, the showerhead also features a slider that allows you to control the flow of the water. A cool pause button lets you pause the flow mid-way so that you can lather-up the soap (or brush teeth like Jennifer Aniston) and then resume for the rinse. No, it’s not earth shattering technology or something; the current shower knob should suffice. But its good looks with fancy names!

Designer: Lockie von Moger


  • Mixel says:

    It is a nice design and I like the pause button. I think that the slider need to be somewhere else and not in the showerhead. I rather see the slider somewhere close to the pause button. Otherwise you need to look in the showerhead to adjust your flow.

  • matt says:


  • Todd says:

    That’s another favorite green marketing theme: we’re running out of water! That’s right; all the water that goes down your drain is stored secretly at Guantanamo. Soon we’ll run out – so please buy yada yada with a green label. That oceans/evaporation/rain stuff – just scientific mumbo-jumbo that The Man wants you to believe.

    But since the oceans will rise 20 feet in the next 10 years, we might be okay. Let’s get a million dollar grant to look into it.

    • Eric says:

      It’s that we are running out of fresh water sources, not that we don’t do anything with drained water. People keep polluting fresh water, and that will effect people no question, not it’s frequency of use. Desalination is a hard/demanding process, so don’t even point at the ocean for a source. Conservation is the goal, not abuse to do what we want to the water since there “is soooo much” of it. Ask some kids who haven’t had a drop of water in 5 days if they think water conservation is important to them.
      I don’t understand why you think things that conserve are ONLY doing so to make money. I feel it’s business, and of course they will use it to market- because it matters to people. Cigarettes make bank for advertising “cool” factors, why is environment such a big no-no to you in marketing?
      I can totally understand if it’s something like: https://www.yankodesign.com/2009/01/29/like-most-fans-this-one-gets-tired/
      It’s directly obvious to me they are abusing the environment to sell. But really, every “green” advertised item is ONLY doing so because they are aware of false advertisement suits, but don’t care?
      Do I make sense to you?

      • Todd says:

        Eric my only argument is that the green movement itself is a money-making endeavour, just like products that say green. It is quackery, pure and simple. Sucked up by the youngest and least educated among us.

        Green appeals to self-haters who don’t feel they deserve (or can’t afford) the benefits that civilization and technology provide. And they don’t want the rest of us to enjoy them either. Green products is how such people strike back. Green products say “I’m smarter and more sensitive than you” and you can feel superior to all those capitalists.

        The amount of fake science greenies make up to prove that capitalism is evil is equally amazing.

        You say “Desalination is a hard/demanding process, so don’t even point at the ocean for a source.”

        Newsflash – trillions of gallons of water are desalinated daily in a process that started when the earth first had water. Do you think rain comes from a desalination plant? Even if your holy goal of global warming comes true, we will have much, much more rain than we do now, as the atmosphere continues its cooling trend.

        But your showerhead will let you save lives at least. Those kids who haven’t had water in 5 days will be dancing and swimming in the rain because of your new eco-showerhead.

        Because, after all, rain only comes when white people buy eco-stuff.

        • Eric says:

          Word of advice: If it’s for sale it is a money making endeavor.
          Everything for sale is, what do you have against people with green products? You have the most skewed, screw loose opinions I’ve ever heard.
          And by demanding, I meant it wasn’t cheap. Desalinization costs BANK, are you really going to tell me every country can afford it? And then to tell those children to “wait till it rains.” WOW! So do you believe in weather change or not!?! HAHAha!

          • Todd says:

            What do I have against people with green products?

            The same thing as if I came to you trying to sell you purple products… to…um…save the Earth. Yeah.

            Boy you would be a jerk not to buy those purple products. Why look… children won’t get any water unless you buy this showerhead. How can you say no?

          • Eric says:

            So I understand when you say just calling something green isn’t doing anything. (like the example I gave you.) However if a product is marketed as “green” because it is purposefully designed with keeping environmental impact to an absolute minimum through manufacture and/or use (when compared especially to it’s competitors) then I see nothing wrong with them advertising that fact. Why do you?
            They CANNOT market a product as helping the environment in any way if it truly makes no difference, so I understand how companies want to use loopholes for marketing. But as I said, that should not mean the companies who DO make environmentally friendly products can’t say so only because of others having “tarnished” the green image.
            This particular product makes it easier to pause the water, but nowhere have I seen it market itself as a “green” product. Radhika’s review is the only thing mentioning that, so I’m not sure of your issue with the environment, but you’re blaming it for absolutely everything.

  • Michman says:

    Todd, I’m not going to question your paranoia, It is amazing what they do store in Guantanamo Bay. Since I’m in a country where water is a limited resource.

    Anything that can assist in that is good. Regardless of that this is really a great concept itself, Very simple stylish design.

    As a second option you might even include a bath filling tap down the bottom (instead of the soap shelf)

  • Ekove says:

    Another sexy design that makes more problems than it solves. The showerhead is not standing out enough, and pointing 90 degrees down means most of the water is not going to land on the person but most likely the wall, unless the person is hugging the wall. Of course it could be solved by extending the head more out or tilting it, but the product would lose it’s sexiness then.

    • Eric says:

      Maybe the holes of the faucet are at an angle so the water is coming out at more of an angle (than straight down) with the assistance of water pressure, that should at least help…

  • brack says:

    New products won’t solve the issue of water conservation. Changed human behavior will.

    This showerhead, although very sexy, will not change the fact that many of us “get in” the shower to clean off and we “stay in” the shower because running water feels good. Yes, its selfish, but me taking a 5 minute shower versus a 3 minute shower does not put a glass of water in front of a child who doesn’t have a glass of water. Getting water to those( general term ) who don’t have it would be much easier if the obstacles to “good will” were gone…governments, for instance.

    The goal is to become less selfish…and with water. Its why I reuse the dehumidifier water in laundry and its why I put a brick in the toilet tank.

  • TonTon says:

    Yeah yeah yeah. You all got great points of view. But the fact is that Global warming isn´t measurable, and none cientist did. And it´s NOT the first time that the earth warms up. After all, it´s a billion(s) year old planet. Think about it, actually no one is to be blamed for it but the own earth cicles. But, however some attitudes that most of our brother humans do helps it to increase the temperature.
    Children, don´t worry we won´t get drowned. And if we do, we can all design in heaven!!! 😀
    Yes and it OK to thing green! And all of us IDs should.

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