Wet, Pause, Lather, Pause, Rinse, Now You’re Clean!

Environmental issues are close to my heart simply because I hate to see us waste so much of our resources. Water is a precious one that we take for granted and like it or not we do waste a lot of it when we take a shower or a soak. Industrious designers are coming up ways to cut back the guilt of a nice hot shower. Take a look at this Ishi Shower for instance.

Besides looking good on the wall, the showerhead also features a slider that allows you to control the flow of the water. A cool pause button lets you pause the flow mid-way so that you can lather-up the soap (or brush teeth like Jennifer Aniston) and then resume for the rinse. No, it’s not earth shattering technology or something; the current shower knob should suffice. But its good looks with fancy names!

Designer: Lockie von Moger