Jazzed-up Washing Machine

Some of us would do anything to shy away from a chore, be it cleaning up or doing the laundry. However our friend Murat Ozveri is trying to entice us into at least wearing clean clothes once in a while thanks to his innovative OVO washing machine. The enticement comes in the form of visual appeal more that practical application however. It’s the spunky colors, ergonomic outlines, lights and disco show that glams-up OVO!

The key features to this design include interchangeable colorful plastic covers (made from ABS-injection molding) and a mini-projector positioned inside the glass face. The fun begins when the machine gets into standby mode displaying a digitalized (analogue) clock and funky lights. In the working mode, the large glass-face displays all vital information regarding the wash cycle. Basically it’s a good-looking machine that will make any apartment happy. You can happily flaunt it anywhere provided you get the plumbing right.

Designers: Murat Ozveri, Gabriele Crivelli & Jian Ma


  • Eric says:

    It doesn’t dry the clothes? How is this innovative or ergonomic? Are they working on the dryer design now or something? Why is it not an all-in-one like the new ones should be?
    I love the colors, I think having a display is great/helpful, but I feel that was their only idea they wanted implemented. Not well designed in that case, anyone can invent add-on’s. What does the inside design look like, does it even exist in digital form, did they plan for mechanics?

    • cerberus says:

      Hypocrite Eric – after all your save the world bleating on other posts – now you whinge that there is no clothes dryer!!

      • Eric says:

        So you hang your clothes to dry? That doesn’t answer the question on THIS post cerberus…
        Environmental damage can be argued about everything, it gets old. There is nothing wrong with doing what we can for each other, but I’m not going to live under a tree to save it, I want a roof built. There are extremities of everything too, including the environment. The argue on the other post has nothing to do with abuse, it has everything to do with people NEEDING proof to say “oh I guess the planet wont always heal itself.” That I feel is unnecessary because we should all be doing our part REGARDLESS. So In this case, I would hope it is “energy star” complaint, but I’m not going to wash and dry my clothes by hand, you’re ridiculous.

        • cerberus says:

          hanging clothes to dry is pretty common place in australia and throughout europe. It takes no effort and only minimal space – for all your bleating about the enviroment it shows your just talk, you should be doing your part too.

          • Eric says:

            HAha, you mean the same Australia that burns more coal for power than any other country?! Great example dude, I’ll really take that to heart. Ps don’t forget about the VERY high populations within cities. There is NO way everyone can hang dry their clothes, not happening. It’s a great wish, but I doubt if I dream about everyone carpooling it would happen… You don’t know me, or how I contribute to a clean environment, so save it.

    • Murat says:

      Dear Eric, thanks for your comment and opinions. I hope this can help you..
      Description of the project “OVO”
      The main features of the design can be summarized as :
      Having a vertical inclination of 15 degrees on the motor axis of the inside washing drum. So this feature provides a less consume of water and 17 % energy saving during each washing cycle;
      Reduce of the total number of inside components, eliminating also the detergent dispenser deciding the use of washing balls;
      Resolve of chemical stretching problem according to material elasticity reaction on the plastic (PP) plane of the front display and the resolve of positioning problem of the new micro-projector inside the interior glass (developed by M3 and you will see it on the market in the cell phones as soon as possible);
      The new manufacturing way of the bottom sheet metal part and the interchangeable top cover part (the color can be adapted easily to all kind of home decorations) thanks to new molding way of these pieces (there was a main economic reason why the formal washing machines have all a cube formed design);
      So the new design of this washing machine keeps the parallel production cost level with other machines on the market and provides a new important concept: “VISIBILITY OF THE PRODUCT”. (The project report is about 90 pages and it keeps all information on the materials selection, manufacturing ways, engineering solutions and design of the whole inside parts of the machine and a detailed marketing research)
      So I hope my technical brief could helped to all of you to understand more the main features of this project.
      I am waiting for your new comments.. and thanks everybody for participating to the forum part.

      Dr.Murat OZVERI

    • Gerd says:

      Eric, almost any washing machine that is also a drying machine, is extremely inefficient.

      With German prices for water and electricity, they cost up to several thousand Euros more in 10 years than a combination of washing machine and dryer. I’ve calculated it myself.

      They’re also not practical, because you need different sizes to wash and dry the same amount of clothes. Or you have to dry twice, because you can only dry half of the clothes that you washed in the same machine.

      In short: don’t do it. If you have to use a dryer.


      • Eric says:

        That might be the case with the models you know of that exist today. Im not only willing to wait until they get it right, but don’t mind paying more for the convenience. I don’t have room for both…
        Ps The really low agitators they have out now actually free up quite a lot of room in a washer, which almost gives it the same volume inside as a dryer. I suggest not washing such huge loads at a time. There are ways to work around your issues….

    • sarah says:

      TBH it looks fantastic and in a world of silver ogres that sit in your wonderfull designer kitchens i only have one thing to say, where can i get one?????
      Why worry about a dryer, buy an airer!! I am sure it is more eco friendly to dry your clothes naturally!

  • Anonymous says:

    it looks kinda small…

  • coyle says:

    Hi Doc! It make sense reading your explaination nevertheless the outlook should have been made by a product design and not from an Enginer! Frankly, from a Aesthetic point of view, This washing machine looks “Beuuurk!” to me…
    Also, To me, the real reson why most of the washing machine have a cubic formfactor is that it is more easy to place in kitchen with other kitchen equipment… no?

  • S.K. says:

    Dear Dr Murat Ozsivri,

    It is an interesting product. I agree with Coyle with the design point of view but it can be restyled according to the chosen customer range and production cost limitations etc… As you seem to be an educated engineer and have backed up your project with relevant documentation, I’m sure you aware of the similar products and concepts that are already out there…some are suffering… Could I possibly get more information regarding the tumble, the motor and the mechanism in general?

    Please email me on [email protected]


  • Skeetz says:

    this brings a tear to my eye.. the machines at my apt don’t even have clocks.. this.. this is a beautiful thing

  • Carl says:

    i love it when Eric is on the ropes..! hehehe

    • cerberus says:

      australia burns more coal than america, china and the UK ? sure it does! There is only a small coal mining industry in Australia. Where as Natural Gas is a huge industry nad supplies much of the power to the country. I agree its funny to see the shoe on the other foot for Eric. Dishes it out but cant take it himself.

      • Eric says:

        The point is you can’t live anywhere without something impacting the environment. I’m not hanging my clothes to dry, and neither are a lot of other people I know. There is no room to do so in cities! Everyone contributes to harming the environment just by being born, so it’s never fair to say one person is worse than another just because options are more limited based on location.
        How about you survive with one pair of shoes for the rest of your life. If you can’t then I say you’re not doing your part.
        This could go on forever… Might I remind you we are both using computers right now to complain about the environment on a design site. I can accept being ignorant to that fact, seems you can’t because you’re “above it.”

        • cerberus says:

          Back foot Eric – we all love it … I have lived in London, Sydney, Berlin, and Prauge (and several other cities that you probably would not have heard of) – I have always found a suitable space to Hang my clothes. Not that I always used this option. It can take to long and often you need the clothes “now”. I have never said I do as much as I probably could to “save the planet” My original comment was only a light hearted dig – but I seem to have struck a nerve. I find it so amusing how you are quick to sprout condemnations at others (example the coal burning comment) and yet as soon as its refuted by anyone with a little know-how in the area you abandon that line of attcak and move onto another. Just relax a little and let it go …

          • Eric says:

            Are you the all knowing God millions have been searching for? Seem like I just met a “know it all.” Which is funny if that’s what you’re calling me. Do you see where this is going?… 😉 Consider this my “light hearted dig.” But I’m sure you knew that….

          • Eric says:

            Ps. I don’t take anything you say seriously when you tell me you have lived places I’ve never heard of. Bad start, and now I have 0 respect for you. I can’t stress enough how much you don’t know about me, and how “well figured out” you seem to have me.
            Murat and myself want to know if you have any opinions of this washing machine, or is all your thought and time strictly for comment rebuttals?

          • cerberus says:

            ( for the comments below) Again with the defensiveness eric – I said you probably would never have heard of them because they are small obscure cities that most natives in that particular country have not even heard of ( example Bydgoszcz in central Polska and Ceske Budejovice in the south of Czech Republic). But once again you take it all to heart.

            Actually a bit of a fan of the design of the machine – sounds like its actually had manufacture in mind. As automation / manufacture design is my field its refreshing to see this from a designer on this site. Far to often a good idea shown here is poorly executed in repect to the engineering involved.

          • Eric says:

            I agree with you, however I still say it should double as the dryer also. Then everyone could own just one unit whether they hang dry or not… Because I’m in a city, I would love the saved real estate in my apartment. I’m also ADD enough to want several “snap-on” covers in a variety of colors. 😉

        • Vitya says:

          Here in my country, Hungary – and also in some neighbouring – nobody wants a washer/drier not just because of the environmental unfriendliness but because you can hang your clothes regardless of your flats size (believe me, there’s plenty of small flats here). If you have a bathtub or a shower cabine than you have enough room to dry your clothes. Just because of this you have 1 to 100 chance to sell washer/driers than washing machines in this country. If anybody wants a drier, than buys a separate one, that means he has the money to spend on a drier and has the space to store a drier which is often far more effective than all-in-one types.
          And this also explains why state-of-the-art washing machines and driers are always stand-alones.

  • Carl says:

    As for the product. trashy as best. there is a reason washers are under counter, it hides the pipes and cables and baffles the noise. a free standing unit will make a racket when it spins. as for the clock cheap gimmick and useless. who is this aimed at? your 4year child old or your dog?
    hey if Dyson could not pull it off how can this chump?

  • Anil says:

    hey Murat,

    the projects really looks great! it seems for me much more like an emotional product. I think your ovo design concept provides to transform a normal washing machine into a product which is much more user-friendly. And also in my opinion, the concept has a sense of humour to colorify our daily lives. Good work! check also other comments on internet 🙂 anil

  • melksoft says:

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    а на нее можно поставить Linux???

  • Zach Smith says:

    If anything, you will remember this machine for its design. But I guess we have to be concerned more not only with the colors and the design of the washing machine but more on its efficiency, durability and its ability to clean our clothes. It should be more than just a pretty design. On another note, there are also efficient and durable washers with handsome design and eye-catching colors. Whirlpool and LG washers are some examples.

  • Mrs.Anny says:

    Very nice design of washing machine.its such a great feature that digital clock with funky lights.

  • Emiley says:

    There is a very nice design of it and looks awesome of the jazzed up washing machine.

  • Diya says:

    The clock system and funky lights is plus point for this washing machine it looks like awesome and i like the design.

  • Mr Walter says:

    This appliance will definitely gone make the room more attractive as from any angle it not look like an washing machine.

  • Kate says:

    The clock system on washing machine that gives very funky and nice look of this washing machine and make more attractive to your room.

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