Serena TWS earbuds prove you don’t have to damage your ears to have great sound

Earbuds are convenient and great, but they also come with their fair share of drawbacks. Their design almost makes it too easy for ambient sounds to get into your ears, forcing many to crank up the volume to drown out the noise. Their proximity to your eardrums, however, means they pose an even greater risk of damaging your sensitive ears for life. Balancing noise cancellation and audio quality is one of the delicate dances that earbuds manufacturers have to do with each new product, a dance that often ends up in one compromise or another. An innovative pair of earbuds wants to do away with those compromises, promising crystal clear audio delivered to your ears without putting them in harm’s way, no matter how loud the world around you becomes.

Designer: Hear+Hi

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Even as children, we learned that one of the fastest ways to drown out noise is to make an even bigger noise. Sometimes that means shouting at the top of your lungs, while other times it means turning the volume up to eleven. Even with active noise cancellation technologies, wireless earbuds still seem to call for that kind of radical countermeasures. Unfortunately, that only solves the short-term problem while creating an even longer-lasting one in the form of ear injury.

Due to their basic shape, earbuds often let an amount of ambient sound into your ear more than regular headphone cups. Yes, they do form a seal in your ear canal, but it often isn’t tight enough or is actually too tight, making them uncomfortable to wear. Because of their size, however, it took awhile before ANC or active noise cancellation became available in these small earpieces. But even then, they aren’t always effective, causing people to still raise the volume to the max and risk causing lifelong injury to their ears.

Serena, however, takes ANC up a notch by nearly doubling the amount of noise it can cancel. While regular ANC for earbuds can reduce external sounds by around 25 decibels, the Serena TWS buds boast a whopping 45-decibel reduction, a feat that it calls Super ANC for a good reason. Serena accomplishes this by utilizing a dedicated Noise Cancellation Module that encapsulates the transducer and the noise cancellation Feedback microphone, which allows the microphone to sit much closer to the eardrum than any other conventional ANC earphones. With the noise-sensing mic closer to the eardrum, it cancels out the noise much more effectively.

What this means, in effect, is that you can enjoy crisp and clear audio without having to raise the volume just to drown out the noise that the ANC can’t handle. The buds’ dual mics also make calls crystal clear, so you don’t have to strain your voice or your ears in a conversation. Serena is also able to silence sound waves below 200Hz, protecting your ears from the low-frequency noise of airplane cabins, subway cars, HVAC systems, and even drones. Despite those new technologies that enable its Super ANC power, the Serena Earbuds manage to keep the size down to a minimum. Looking like stylish audio accessories with a bit of a hi-tech touch to its faceted surface, the buds’ simple design almost belies the power within. Even better, it won’t cost you an arm or a leg to get your hands on a pair, a testament to how good design and great technology don’t have to be out of reach.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69 $149 (55% off). Get an additional 10% off using the exclusive code “YANKO10”. Hurry, deal ends in less than 48 hours!