OMG It’s Like Mad Max Circa 2009

The Gladiat8r concept is inspired by gladiator helmets of ancient Rome. Its weight is distributed across the entire surface, a carefully spaced “ribcage” ensuring the shades remain in place during use but also reduce friction from the usual support areas such as the nose-bridge and ears.

The frame comes in 3 different sizes and is adjustable through a range of rubber attachments that brace the ribs on the frame (tho I don’t see ’em). There’s sort of this cool blend of functional utility with urban street aesthetics to give it a modern, youthful hand. I can see head ventilation won’t be a problem but the idea of each rib digging into my skull should I tumble isn’t appealing.

Designer: Canedo Studio



  • matt says:

    if youre going to use numbers like a gamer in a concept do it right Gladi8tr*** 🙂

    • drkrazyrich says:


    • Brennan says:


      Gladi8or, perhaps. Arguably, the last “o” is optional, giving you “Gladi8r”

      Depends if you want the “o” to be really pronounced. Without it tends to be pronounced phonetically like an “er” instead of an “or”

  • Victor Assis says:

    Reminds me of those things to slice eggs, with multiple wires. Just that now the egg is your head. Looks really nice… and unconfortable.

  • Jeff says:

    Oakley already did this years ago. It was called the Overthetop.

    • Keith says:

      Yeah, and like this one, is so ugly that only Flava Flav would wear it.

    • zippyflounder says:

      Oakly’s worked, this one will not. If you did fall and impact your head the first thing that would happen is the ribs would deflect to the sides (THINK PEOPLE) transferring all the energy to your skull. This of course means that this is just decorative and provides no function other than that.

    • earl says:

      the over the top never claimed to protect your head. Over the top were sunglasses for snowboarders…they won’t fall off.

  • eeedel says:

    Id wear it just to look like a jerk.

  • Nethan Edward says:

    In what context would this be used? In any type of athletic situation this optical system would not allow for helmet usage, creating potential health hazards beyond the blades against your head.

  • Looks like a Cylon eyepiece! “By your Command!”

  • Soloman says:

    I imagine this might make nice cross sections of your brain should you crash head-first, eh?

  • mokstermoks says:

    The frame is made out of a rubber compound(TPR), it is flexible and elastic, you wont get hurt if you fall. We gave it the metallic look to enhance the “traditional” gladiator look but obviously it wouldnt be made out of hard plastic nor metal.

  • Carl says:

    if it is soft rubber and there is no cross brace, there is nothing to stop the central 2 pieces from coming apart if you land on your head.

  • Eric says:

    Might float someones boat, but I think it’s fugly! Sorry!

  • Helmet Designer says:

    As a helmet designer of a major helmet manufacturer, I am very upset that this “helmet” is represented as a safety device. There is no way that it would provide any impact protection whatsoever. Among MANY other problems, the ribs would simply bend out of the way (as many others have mentioned). Straps to keep it on your head would help.

    Does it pass any safety certifications such as CPSC, EN1078 or QAS 2063? NOPE.
    If Canedo Designs were proud of this “helmet”, I would think that I could at least find it on their website…

  • gyouwhy says:

    i have worked in both the action sports industry and the eye wear industry for the last 15 years .

    1. the over the tops were never designed to be a helmet or head protection in any way the history of the OTT was a designer quit working for Oakley and in trying to open his own design co. continued working with design director at Oakley, on this really crazy piece of eye wear, that in the end was another look at me piece of eye wear in typical Oakley style.

    2. I give you credit for attempting to cross design a product but when there are such beautiful helmets like Bell, Giro and Specialized. Then there are eye wear companies that have not monopolized the market and sold out like the one you’ve picked ,like Bolle Carrera and Nike. These are the elements that needed to be looked at with attention while coming up with your idea

  • Carl says:

    in its credit this does look good. i like the slick appeal of the streamline and the wet hair look. not sure about having to wear the glasses tho at all times. but seriously what is the point of any aesthetic if it does not offer any protection, surely you should at least test the theory of the design before you embarrass yourself on here with such a white elephant.?

  • Jason says:

    Yea this gladiate-ater concept wouldnt protect your head, and, if you’re wondering why it isn’t shown on a head, its because it looks absolutely ridiculous. The back looks like a mullet, what is it even for, bikes? Skydiving? Special people? Did they do any helmet/ergonomic research at all?

  • saintjam says:

    is for PS 3 ? very good.need redesign for PSP .i can use.

    • MadCow says:

      lmao… its for the 360, so there will be add-ons that actually give it funciton!

  • Samuel says:

    I really like the Oakley style shades its implemented into the Gladiator and it is comfortable and safe to wear

  • looks like the helmet of the bad guys on Riddick ‘s last movie.

  • Scott Foster says:

    I’ve spent the last hour trying to find out how to buy the damn thing and what it costs. One might think…
    P.S. Saw In Gizmag. – sf

  • erwin says:

    i’m interested to buy one of the helmet if they for sell?

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