Second Bulb, Insects Beware!

If you still have incandescent bulbs, then I will now beat you with a silly stick. Fortunately for you here’s one more way to get use out of those archaic bulbs. The Bulb Hugger is a thermally charged light that wraps around any incandescent. Whenever your incandescent turns off or if the power goes out, the secondary light automatically turns on for up to 5 hours. If you’ve got these bulbs outdoors, an upper ring containing insect repellent vaporizes from heat, keeping bugs away.

Designer: Arpan Maiti


  • hey very contextual,
    cool concept

  • Lamah says:

    You can’t charge batteries with heat, only with a heat _difference_. It seems to me that the ring would need to have large heatsink fins to accomplish this.

  • gutti says:

    hmm if you switch a light of, don’t you normally want it… lets say… dark?

  • paul sandip says:

    i think this product primarily is for rural India…where people still hang such bulbs. Liquidators are not affordable by such people…hence using the heat of a glowing bulb…is a fantactic idea to get rid of mosquitoes!

  • arpan maiti says:

    yea precisely !!thts the user group i had in mind….. and the second light would serve as a soothing NIGHT LIGHT definitely much much dimmer than a normal it won’t really disturb u in the dark..!

  • Carl says:


  • paul sandip says:

    check this out…lamp huggers….something similar. 🙂

  • June says:

    Is this still just a concept? or is it ready to sell?

    • arpan maiti says:

      a concept as of now 🙂 but plan to make a prototype of it soon … have to confirm the technical feasibility for the second light though!!

  • Ekove says:

    Does the technology really exist for this little thing? I really like it. I’m not sure if it fits on all kinds of bulbs though =/. I don’t think it’d provide enough light to disturb those who want to sleep or so, but it’s nice for creating a “mood” or for those who don’t like to sleep in absolute darkness.

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