Under My Own Enchanted Forest

Träd is not only a storage system, Träd is a shelter – a personal space where children carry out their fantasies and games. A place that allows them to feel safe, to learn and to imagine. Think of it as their enchanted forest where they can dream of heroes and princesses and live a thousand and one adventures. Damn I want one already!

Träd, by designers Josué Gamonal and Vicente Porres (Madrid), won the Third Maria Martinez Otero Industrially-Produced Designer Furniture Award. The theme of this third edition was “The Child’s Universe” The judges agreed unanimously and pointed out that the project represent an innovative concept that broadens the typology of kid’s furniture, thanks to its references to nature and its playhouse and shelter-like quality. The judges also highlighted the simplicity and the presentation of the proposal, as well as its poetry not to mention how frackin’ sweet those illustrations are!

Designers: Josué Gamonal & Vicente Porres


  • Annette says:

    Love this! And would have loved to have one as a child. There’s just one thing missing: The hooks and matching fabric to cover the bottom and build a cave out of the tree.

  • sara says:

    so sweet and very functional design! i liek it a lot

  • zippyflounder says:

    nice piece and the judges were right about the presentation, spot on.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    exactly figured out what children want! Nice

  • trimtab21 says:

    if this is to stand up to the kids i have, you better make those plywood forms a bit thicker. otherwise cool idea!

  • Eric says:

    Just wondering if the base is attached to the legs, cause that would definitely fall over if not. Other than that I know tons of parents that would buy it. I think it’s a great idea, and it looks cool too! Easy to put sheets on and make a fort too (my favorite!)

  • luay says:

    god i wish was 5 again, i might buy one anyway!

  • eeedel says:

    best. renders. EVAR.

  • Ashley Kim says:

    This Design is really brilliant!
    It could work perfect as different sizes to differnt generations!

  • Nice concept, children would love it

  • radhika says:

    Realyy cute design…..itss veryy nice…

  • bec says:

    I love this when will this be available, and how much for?

  • bec says:

    I love this when will this be available, and how much for?

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