I’m An Origami Master!

I made these chairs with giant sheets of origami paper. See how talented I am! Actually, the chair was designed by Enoc Armengol (awesome name!) and Arnau Miquel (equally awesome!) and was inspired by origami. It’s made out of a single sheet of stainless steel carefully folded to create a geometric, harmonious chair. It’s gorgeous IMO. For an added touch of luxury and elegance, the whole thing is finished off in black or white leather. I’m going to try and make 4 miniature ones and train my hamsters to sit in them.

Designers: Enoc Armengol & Arnau Miquel


  • Mowgli says:

    they look interesting… but nothing more….

  • Chozo says:

    But are they sturdy?

  • zippyflounder says:

    they look real, but lets do a bit of sums here…. you have a 18 inch span load from the seat back to the front, so with a 200 lb person sitting on it you have 300 foot lbs of toqure on the front edge, thats a lot. If they have a internal reiforcement ie solid steel it will work but with out i am dubious. Please show me a real person sitting in a real one.

  • Eric says:

    Ya if this could work as it should while maintaining this exact design, I’m down. I think they look awesome.

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