Iconic 70’s Desk Makes a Comeback

In 1970 Ernest Igl designed a desk that became a cult object for accomplished collectors at international auctions. This groundbreaking and legendary desk is now being reproduced again in a limited run. In the early 70’s the igl jet was a kind of revolution regarding shape and manufacturing.

By using new materials and its unique design this desk became an icon in modern furnishings. 1,970 units of the igl jet are being fabricated with modern technology for the highest quality. It’s made of a special high-class polyurethan mix (that is 100% recyclable) with soft matte or high gloss finish, available in pearl-white, deep black, aluminium-metallic or orange-metallic and comes with three steel and soft-stop drawers on each side. Anyone going to get one? Just assume it’s going to cost a whole money bin.

Designer: Ernest Igl