Scratch Notes On A Plank Day And Night

We need to get innovative with the way we display our feelings. Leaving Post-its or texting is getting a bit outdated don’t you think? The classic is of course; leaving a message on the fogged-up bathroom mirror, but that is about to get superceded with the Daywriter, Nightwriter. Both of them are essentially elongated three-dimensional scratchboards that you can use to write messages on.

Touting itself as the world’s first interactive furniture, the Daywriter (as the name suggests) is used for displaying messages during the day. But the story gets brighter with the Nightwriter. This one is like a florescent glow-in-the-dark type of board. Scratch on the words and watch them glow! Naturally you can erase all your messages and get creative everyday.

Designer: Peter Freund


  • Eric says:

    I like this particular application for note leaving but it’s not the first interactive furniture by all means…
    I think one shelf should solve both day and night visibility issues, I’d be more likely to buy it combined. I’m wondering if the glowing one runs on batteries? I don’t see a cord…

  • koo says:


  • Mowgli says:

    haha this is really cool…

  • more says:

    sure yeah only its been over 5 years since Marti Guixe and Droog design produced it

  • thats awesome! so simple, so useful!

  • John says:

    Can I purchase one?

  • zippyflounder says:

    not to be a nit, how do you erase a message?

    • CH says:

      I was Wondering the same, if they dont have an easy way to erase the message, they are useful

  • Timothy says:

    That’s really cool

  • MrHaroHaro says:

    This is an awesome idea. I have thick useless shelves from CB (or was it West Elm?) and this seems like a better buy. Well mine are useless except for the fact that they hold stuff.

  • Anton webb says:

    very cool 😀 i love the simplicity

  • Cromagnum says:

    Can you add this to the outside of a car? kind of like writing on a dirty car, just in a more hi-tech way

    And might reduce a few keyings.

  • Hellz nah says:

    They look cool, and if they were priced right I would buy them, but they’re $500 each. So, fux that.

  • shweta says:

    nice…….very creative……..

  • Russell says:

    seems cool, but how would this be different from painting a thick shelf with chalkboard paint? or i hear there’s even whiteboard paint now.

  • Concetta says:

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