Protect Your Identity, Tear It Off

I get loads of mail from PR agents and designers and at times spend 5 minutes trying to peel an address label off a box, either because I’m going to reuse it for return shipping or just to protect my identity before going to the recycling bin. It may seem trivial but identity theft in all forms are on the rise. Digging thru trash for people’s names and addresses is step one to a highway to hell for you as a victim.

The Tear Off Label is simple. It’s pre-scored to make obscuring your address a lot easier. Forget peeling (that never works), forget markers (that’s messy). This is one idea that’s easy to execute and cheap enough to produce into mass production.

Designers: Jongoh Lee, Sungchul Yang, Yongook Guack & Chiu Chi Tat


  • Seb says:

    Its a good idea, but if you’re going to all that trouble to make specialised stickers, then why not just make the whole middle section of the sticker rip out? I mean, making the side ends sticky and the middle not, so you can tear it out along the pre-scored lines.

    Its not that big a deal, but if you’re trying to hide your details, why leave half of it behind?

    • Juan says:

      If we rip the whole middle section of the sticker out, then someone can see our information because it hasn’t been cut.

      • Eric says:

        Obviously you would destroy the part ripped out. I think Seb suggested that because then absolutely no part of the info would be left at all on the package.

  • Vlad Didenko says:

    Technically – a nice idea. However, in my rough estimate, the is about 20 times more copies of my name/address going to trash with catalogs and spam letters, then packages. I doubt this will work socially. Besides, the name/address is widely available on the internet – much harder for a dotted sticker implementation. Do I miss something?

  • Susie says:


  • fb says:

    so it’s not cool to take a sharpie and scribble out our names anymore?

  • Eric says:

    If it had been around for years already it would have a user base, and I could see this existing still. But as a new product I doubt it will become huge. I would think the strips should rip off vertically rather than horizontally unless you make sure to write exactly on the part to be ripped. Even in the photo I can see the entire street address just by looking at the top half of the numbers and letters. At least vertically ripping it would take out entire numbers and letters, a lot more difficult to figure out. And I agree, there is so much junk mail people don’t shred as is, that address info is really easy to get. Hell go to google earth and check out their street view even! 😉

  • xavi says:

    Anyway really I like this idea!!

  • Sky says:

    Good idea; simple, useful. I wonder why this hasn't been created yet?

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