Free Energy From Patio Tables

This is not some new solar powered gadget, this is a product that can revolutionize the way we produce and store energy. The surface of the table is covered in highly efficient photovoltaic cells that collect solar energy all year and then “feeds” the home with precious “clean” electrical energy.

No need for complicated installations – can be fitted in any garden or outdoor space and it is a piece of classic elegance and beauty that will last forever. Violent Sun is particularly beneficial to the contract and leisure market, where the use of outdoor furniture is extensive and energy bills very costly.

The table is the first object in this range, which is also to include a bench, light and flag pole. The overall design language is inspired by Classic Architecture and specifically Doric Order Greek columns. In order to avoid the stereotypical image of solar powered objects as high tech, ugly and gadgety, the designer has focused on materials and formal languages that are engaging, classic and timeless. The base is made out of a solid, carved, black Terrazo piece. The top is covered in elegant Polycrystaline PV cells that create a contemporary pattern. This is a beautifully crafted monolith of a table that uses design as a way to entice the consumer to a more ethical way of living.

Designer: Afroditi Krassa