Mind-bending minute-machine!


Relying on the methodical movement of the seconds hand, the Humism converts that functional cyclical motion into something more aesthetic, more alluring, more amazing.

Inspired by the kinetic art movement of the 50s, the Humism watch rejects the idea that time should be about numbers and measuring units, but rather of movement, because time as an entity keeps moving.

With a 316L surgical-grade steel body, a sapphire crystal on the front and back, and a Japanese Automatic Seiko NH35A movement on the inside, the watch has some undeniably impressive specs, but none as impressive as the revolving detail on the front. The hour and minute hands present themselves as a blocked and an outlined circle around the edge, but what’s truly hypnotic is the seconds dial, a “vanishingly thin” laser cut dial with a design detail that makes one revolution every 60 seconds. Behind it is a static dial with a mirror image of the second dial’s artwork. When the dynamic dial spins against the static disc, it creates some remarkable psychedelic patterns that you’ll probably spend more time looking at than the actual time. But then again… that’s the point. To enjoy time’s movement rather than to be bound by it!

Designer: Humism