Jazzing Up For Pure Water

Designed to be a portable solar powered water treatment system, the Parabosol uses parabolic mirrors that boils water to a temperature of up to 400 Celsius. This system also integrates sand and carbon flirtation processes to game, thus making drinking water as safe as possible. Approximately 1 billion people globally don’t have access to potable water and the tragedy of losing population to water-borne diseases is quite sad. Using solar power to create a viable filtration system that can be used in remote areas is quite cool.


  • The system purifies water by using additional filtration, which is done by sand filter and by carbon filter.
  • First, the sand filter catches the sand particles and then the carbon filter is used to remove odor and dissolved gases from water.
  • Between the two filtrations, the sand filtered water collected in water container within a focused parabolic mirror where purification is made.
  • Steam coming from the tank behind parabolic mirror condensate in bronze spine placed above carbon filter.
  • The system consists of one contaminated water container, one purification container and two clean water containers.
  • Parabosol can clean up to 170 liters of water in a single use.

Designer: Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis Studio


  • qoixiop says:

    WTF Nine Inch Nails!!!

  • Cool idea; great look… you may consider locally-sourced materials if you’re looking for a more sustainable solution.

    A common (and often unknown) issue in third world countries is using complicated machines (with many custom-made, non-locally sourced parts) to solve problems. What will often happen is you drop something like this off and it works for a while until some piece breaks. No local will be given the knowledge or ownership to be able to fix it—much less find parts to fix it if needed.

    A better (more sustainable) solution is to work with a local community to develop solutions using locally-sourced materials and know-how.


  • stash says:

    system up grade to generate power when steam is made for purifying water. this will have to be done with salt water to supply demand. get electricity,hot water, and fresh water,from one process. if this system got same funding as radioactive stuff id prove it feasible.

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