You Fall Down in the Bath So Much

How many times have you fallen down in the bath today? Seven? Eight? Let’s make it an even 5 times. Five times you’ve fallen down in the bath today. What’s to be done for those times you don’t get back up again? Haishan Deng has designed the door mechanism for you. It is called “Help Lock”. And it beeps so loud, you’ll probably get back up under your own power!

Here is the deal. The first time you activate the Help Lock doorknob, you program in a phone number and a time. This is the amount of time you get to be in the bathroom without the door going NUTS!

From the first time forward, each time you close the door and hit the “go” button, you have the alloted amount of time to use the toilet, shower, bath, or do whatever else – after that alloted amount of time, an alarm goes off!

The alarm sounds for 30 warning seconds (it’s quiet) during which you can still turn it off, followed by Loud Noises and a phone call to the programmed number.

With this knob, you will always be safe! And/or paranoid to madness.

Designer: Haishan Deng