This minimal modern tool kit for urban users ditches traditional design to improve safety of use

Got bored with the same old hand tools in your cabinet? Then you need to consider the uber-cool TYR hand tools designed for modern users who crave style, safety, and simplicity of use.

Hand tools are household accessories that are essentials a dwelling always has handy somewhere in the cabinets or the garage. Most of us have a briefcase with Bosch tools, or if you’re lucky, have your own tool cabinet to rescue for a number of situations – be it using brute force to undo a stuck door or building a treehouse in the backyard as a weekend project. Over the years, these tools have not seen much design evolution in terms of functionality and ease of use. ZEN MOKE wants to change that with a refreshing set of hand tools that can be categorized more as an EDC owning to their compact nature.

The core idea with the TYR Household hand tool kit is to make the modern tools aesthetically pleasing while being safer than the traditional design which at times can be sharp at places not needed. Take for example the screwdriver, pliers, cutter, or the good old hammer. Another consideration for the design of the hand tools here is the tactical shape which requires less energy to do more. A perfect use-case scenario for the urban users who like everything they own to be simple, good-looking, and very easy to put into use.

The designer draws inspiration for the new line of hand tools from the contoured shape of common objects such as a bar of soap, PC mouse, headphones, and wireless earbuds. The notion here is to ditch the acute-angled triangular shapes for a rounded overall shape to prevent injuries when novice users are at work. The result, a collection of basic handyman tools that you would actually want to carry around as an EDC.

To lend the TYR Household hand tool kit a stylish element, the designer crafts them in a brushed metal housing, proposed to come in cool color options including – black, white, grey, and multi-color hues.

Designer: ZEN MOKE