SnoozeMe, Find That Snooze Button Faster!

Does this situation sound familiar? You’re sleeping wonderfully and just can’t bother waking up immediately when the alarm clock goes off – so you just push the snooze button and get right back to leaping sheep land. Sometimes I can’t even find the snooze button so my hand just sorta smacks around in the general vicinity until the alarm shuts off. SnoozeMe offers a less jarring snooze experience because it’s a plushie you sleep with.

The integrated fabric buttons are easy to handle and lets you choose from 5 different types of music. Cuddle it, squeeze it, and when it’s officially time to wake up, the giant snooze button is right there in front of you. Hell you don’t even have to press it, just lay your head on it.

Designer: Lisa Toepfer


  • Michael says:

    I think I must be missing something, but is there a display to show you the actual time.

    Otherwise great concept. Like the soft toy style.

  • Keith says:

    Maybe it announces the time when you are setting it. That would get rid of the need for a display.

  • Kidder says:

    I remember reading about an alarm clock that uses more subtle noises that gradually awaken you rather than the loud abrupt wake-up alarm that we are all used to. This way it’s a less sudden change in your brain activity and doesn’t leave you feeling shell-shocked.

    • Keith says:

      There was one really expensive one that actually came on slowly and had a light that lit up slowly too. This was supposed to mimic the effects that natural light has on you.

  • Brian says:

    My 2 year old niece has a toy with an interface like this – seems a bit oriented toward the juvenile market. Maybe it should be about 25% bigger because right now it’s not pillow sized for an adult.

    • Eric says:

      I agree no substance for a real pillow, maybe a nap on the couch? I like the concept, just not this particular take on its look…

  • Mathnerd3 says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to have it HARDER to hit the snooze button? I mean, then people will oversleep, be late to work/school… etc.

  • Watinee says:

    Very cool project Lisa!

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