Rundle Lantern

The Rundle Lantern is a parking garage in Adelaide, Australia, composed of a big corner-wrapping screen. Each of the 748 “pixels ” has two LED lights behind it, and it can do all the stuff that awesome big screens can do. It was designed by brand consulting firm Fusion , but this is no jumbotron: it was intentionally designed to be a lantern to this part of town, and even though it moves it doesn’t display hard images or text. It’s more like a huge Jeremy Blake light-painting , and we love it for that. Check out the videos.

Designer: Fuse Project


  • 彭善忠 says:


  • Mowgli says:

    that looks so cool!

  • Nicole says:

    It’s a really nice thing. We went to the opening not long ago.

  • 彭善忠 says:


  • kiran says:

    Brilliantly invented. For those of you who don’t realize why this is a big deal, you should know that the building is a car parking lot (Rundle Street UPark). That means if you had simply created a gigantic screen and plastered it on the two sides, you would cut off air flow through the parking spaces, which is never a good idea. Creating tiles that would sit far apart enough to let the air flow, but close enough for the eye to feel the entire canvas is one unit is smart. I also like that the aluminum tiles looks good during the day when the LED backlights are off. The operating cost is only $75k/year which isn’t much if you think about it.

  • Hadley says:

    Kind of reminds me of a modern-day architectural lite-brite (remember those toys in the 80s?) 🙂

  • dustin says:

    why hasn’t Las Vegas done something like this?

  • very goood & nice idea

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