Big Eye Needle

Where was this invention when I was in Fashion Design school? Big Eye Needle is an ordinary loop-eye sewing needle except it’s made of some new fangled metal. With a bit of pressure, the tiny loop-eye expands to the size of a button hole making threading a cinch – literally. Gone are the days of far sighted clumsy hands and sore thumbs. Damn thread never seems to want to go in without a fight. I need the Big Eye Needle now. Appropriately, I rate this a DO WANT!

Designer: Woo Moon-Hyung


  • Jonathan says:

    Well, that’s fine and dandy, but how do you push the needle through the cloth?

  • Henrique Staino says:

    You push it for the first inch, then you pull it from the other side…

  • Charis says:

    What a wonderful idea… now where can I get some?!

  • zippyflounder says:

    trying to think of the metal that would work, nickle titanainum allow might (shape memory metal) or some syntetic..wonder if the designer knows.

  • kiran says:

    Excellent invention. Hope the material that the needle is made with isn’t too expensive. This is definately on the “want it now” list.

    My only suggestion would be to round off the end of the needle. It looks like it might hurt to push your finger against it as is.

  • Brian says:

    Oh boy, yet another product made of unattainium. It’s very unlikely to be made from any plastic – it wouldn’t be able to keep a memory like described. The end would also be difficult to keep it’s shape and would probably let the thread out through the top. It might work with another piece that helps it keep the eye closed but as is, it’s a dud.

  • Karl says:

    all Grandmas of the world saying thanks!

  • someone says:

    a nice concept, but probably need further development to make it works.
    1st, the material, metal will probably break if users pressed too hard and too many, and so as plastic.
    2nd, it looks painful to press, the design saves time, but full of pain.
    3rd, the thicker the needle, the larger hole left on the cloth. It is kinda thick in the rendering above. The size of the knot needed to be larger for keeping the line in position.

    However, it is a good concept for a course work.

  • sul ki-ho says:


  • konghyechin says:

    mun dal… It’s amazing…. just my style!!!
    Personal opinion, I believe that your work is the best of best

  • hanyeul says:

    you have to say to me
    “so much thank for teaching me”

  • Kyran Cinflaria says:

    very innovative. A simple technology that has been waiting to be discovered.

  • maty_2002 says:

    and what about bimetal heated by lighter?

  • mega says:

    this would have great applications for people with eye sight impairments. I have family who can see but can’t see well enough to thread a needle.

  • Ekove says:

    I like, I want a few of these even though I doubt I’ll ever use them.

  • dd says:

    I love its idea.but it`s only for a course work.

  • bia2khabar says:

    as easy as i want…

  • Good work 🙂

  • john says:

    the only thing i see wrong is the first push to make the needle bend out would be hard if the material is strait down, then if you have the material bent the string could just fall out, you could fix that with a twisting motion but that might require changing the end.

  • Eric says:

    Great idea. As for people worrying about the thread falling out, doesn’t that happen now with all the needles with permanently open holes? I could see the pain thing when pushing it open, easy fix. Looking at the rendering the thread is just as gigantic as the needle which makes me think it’s not huge at all, but when opened the hole is big enough to thread easily. I would love to see this in the coming year… And ps even if after 1,000 presses it breaks, I would rather buy new ones than dealing with the old method any day, or do we all think they will be $500 a piece? Recycle it!

  • Anju says:

    gud one:)

  • sangeeta says:

    wow<<<<<<<<<<<what a great invension>>>>>>
    i like it so much?????????

  • sangeeta says:

    i like it so much?????????

  • dm telang says:

    do you have something like this for machine needle also. IF YES then pl inform

  • dm telang says:

    do you have something like this for machine needle also. IF YES then pl inform

  • isa says:

    hi there!
    where can you buy this big eye needle ?
    I need one urgently !

  • rqandom says:

    have you used it?’Cause if you did not , don’t say things like it needs some improvement .

  • rqandom says:

    have you used it?If you hace not , don’t say things like it still needs some improvements.

  • Particia says:

    had some headaches with the survey shit, but today it payed back :))

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