Toblerone inspired Technology!


That’s what it looks like initially, a stick of Toblerone… but this piece of gadgetry is much more complex than you’d think. It fits an entire CPU into its slim isosceles triangle form. The Pega Stick PC makes desktops portable with its easy-to-carry design. All you need is an external screen or a projector and you’re good to go. It comes with its own keyboard that doubles up as a case for the Pega, wrapping itself around the machine.

Don’t have access to an external screen or projector? Just snap one on! Pega does modularity like a dream by allowing you to snap on modules that you may need. A projector module and speaker module can just attach themselves to the side of Pega’s body. Need extra battery power? There’s a module for that too! The pieces snap to the Pega CPU unit using magnetic pins and can be removed when not needed. Just like traditional CPUs, the Pega also comes with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack, an HDMI out, and two USB ports. However, unlike any CPU you’ve seen, the Pega does all this in a slick, portable, deliciously triangular format.

If only the Pega Stick PC came available in a chocolate brown finish… sigh.

Designer: YuHsun Chung