Now That’s Corky!

This bonsai tree stand called Querkus is based on the physical and structural properties of cork. Cork is impermeable to water, making it ideal as a plant coaster. I didn’t know this since our bathroom cork tiles absorb water like paper, yet they have never warped or molded over. It is the perfect material to make an entire plant stand out of. Cork is also antibacterial and rot resistant, so the standing water in the top recessed area will not degrade the material. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Cork is biodegradable and breaks down to what is essentially fertilizer. Okay, I’m sold.

Designer: Devin Sidell


  • Carl says:

    Cork has been massively overfarmed by the wine industry and as such i do not think it is a sustainable material. You may as well proposed mahogany?

  • Keith says:

    A stick in a pot is not exactly a bonsai.

    • Noah says:

      The other one kind of is though, but not the point. Either way this thing isn’t really much of a big deal at all… oh well.

  • Christiaan says:

    Cork is not over farmed because it can only be harvested every 12 years or so thus making it a great sustainable resource. The wine industry does use a large portion of the cork stock but cork is used for everything from flooring wall panels, furniture so there are many industries tapping into it. As someone who has designed a shelving system out of cork and having a professor who is recognized for his designs in cork(Dan Michalik), I would say this is a great, simple, good looking bonsai stand. Also, the tree in the pot is obviously a young bonsai but having a grown one for the picture would have been more convincing. Overall good job!

    • Keith says:

      Young bonsai’s are best grown in much larger pots, moreso in the ground outside. You generally don’t put a tree in one of those pots until it is actually a bonsai. They lopped off a couple of branches from some trees outside and put them in these pots to simulate a bonsai. I’m saying this because if you are designing for a very niche consumer, you don’t want to seem disingenuous.

      To discuss the design, I actually don’t like the specific designs of these two, but the idea of using cork is a good one. Even with a glazed ceramic humidity tray under my bonsais, I tend to get seepage onto my window sill. I would definitely buy these if they worked as stated.

  • christiaan says:


  • J says:

    So is this easily biodegradable or is it rot-resistant? You can’t have it both ways.

    (Unless, perhaps, some kind of photo-degradable coating protected the item from bio-degrading.)

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