There’s A Doody Floating In The Water

For another out of season pool-related innovation from Lysandre Follet, we look at his Doody pH tester. Much like the canary in a coal mine, the Doody goes belly up whenever the pool’s pH level goes out of wack, allowing for fast response and fewer rashes from poor pool maintenance. What’s interesting is his re-imagining of the tester as a toy-like object you would want to leave in your pool, rather than an obtrusive set of test tubes.

Designer: Lysandre Follet


  • Eric says:

    I love the concept, I just don’t really care for it’s look. Maybe just design 10 different versions of the same item so everyone will find one they like….Because the idea is good!

  • Well done, Lysandre!
    Go on like that!
    We expect the best from you!

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