You Love Strange Looking Bikes Right?

Well here you go! Revolve works, as most folks can figure it, just like an average exercise bike. It helps you exercise your legs, thighs, and butt. But the look is amongst those sort of things that make you look really crazy, sexy, and cool. And on top of that, it does what every modern electronic gizmo does (or should to) : it connects with your computer.

Revolve’s crank angle and seat height are adjustable, as is the crank height. The Revolve has an interactive user interface that travels with the person from the bike to the computer where they can track personal dietary and fitness progress.

And I’m sure it’ll comes in a bunch of colors.

Designer: Mark Hagen


  • Edima says:

    time to hit the gym

  • Saltynay says:

    The idea of connecting gym is not new look into techgym they use a similar idea and technology. The design of the physical bike is good but there is no tv or radio 😉 perhaps you should get out of your dark studio and go to a gym and count the number of people with headphones in there ears…

  • zippyflounder says:

    LOL of course the crank angle adjusts..they revolve. I think you ment the handle bars adjust. Nothing new here but the look and that is not all that new either.

    • cerberus says:

      i think thwey mean the crank length…it would slide up and down in the “spoke-like” couloured grove.

      • zippyflounder says:

        pretty silly if that is the case, cranck lenght is pretty standard for “most” adults, corse if your 7’4″ then you would have a problme.

    • Mark Hagen says:

      The user can adjust the fore-aft saddle postion. Crank length is important because the slightest difference can affect the use of knee and thigh muscles.

      • zippyflounder says:

        mark your right in absolute terms, however i used to design fitness equpiment for precor and we never botherd with that on stationay bikes. The average user, hops on, peddles and hopps off. The serious rider uses a trainer not a stationary bike.

        • Mark Hagen says:

          Yes, but why not give the average user a reason to interact and personalize their exercising experience?

          • zippyflounder says:

            If you can get them to adjust the handlebars your doing good. The seat adjusment is generaly the only one used in real life.

  • Eric says:

    I like!

  • giulio says:

    non è realizzabile!
    no possible to do!

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