Always Thirsty in the Ocean?

So you’re lost in the ocean, right? You need a boat probably. You also need to get saved. But most importantly, you need water. What!? Yes. Do not drink that salty water. You will go insane. Instead, heed the Ocean Rescue -it’s bright orange and has the drinks you just gotta have.

Seol-Hee Sohn, Seung-Hyun Yoon and Cheol-Yeon Cho save us from the deeps of the Titanic-ridden seas:

It is a rescue device for emergency situation[s] in [the] ocean. Victims [of oceanic mishap] must drink water to survive. Ocean Rescue provides distilled water made by itself. It will help victims [lost at sea to] survive until rescue. Location information is important for victims to be rescued quickly. Ocean rescue informs its position by emitting light at night and colorful smoke [during the] day. Location information is transmitted [from the time it is first] operated.

A couple more things that could probably be added easily:

1. Shark Repellant Bat-Spray.

2. Buttons that you can push that tell people, using the built-in location information, that you’re at this Ocean Rescue station and you’re lost in the effing ocean.

3. Cheeseburgers.

Designers: Seol-Hee Sohn, Seung-Hyun Yoon & Cheol-Yeon Cho


  • Armin says:

    gotta love that copy (“Victims … to be survived”)
    nonetheless, nice idea. All but the smoke generator and light can be made to be inflatable. Then you could just package them with life-boats.
    Furthermore, water+salt = battery, so if you modify this to collect the salt residue as well, you have free electricity (for the light, radio beacon etc.).

  • alex says:

    For surviving, I still prefer this one:
    It’s as compact and light to pack as survival kits are supposed to be. Plus it doesn’t pack toxic materials like batteries and smoke combustibles together with the drinking water.

    The above renderings and graphics are almost nearly cute, but that’s what design schools and websites are *all* about nowadays I guess. So, I hope the guys can swim too.

  • jahan says:

    how big the Rescue item is ?
    in dimensions wise , I am curious to know ?

    they are more useful and practical in cities than ocean.

  • Matt says:

    Chris Burns – perfectly reasonable device here Chris Burns. Desalination kit. For drinking water via solar distillation Chris Burns. Smoke signal for attracting attention Chris Burns. A light at night Chris Burns to alert shipping. GPS signal for the same Chris Burns. Chris Burns, the English isn’t great, but how’s your Chinese these days?
    Chris Burns, I don’t think anymore cheeseburgers are advisable in your situation, the fat has already chocked your brain.

  • miXel says:

    What if there is no sun, but stormy weather. How long will there be smoke coming out of the device?

    I was just wondering about these two things. I like the design of it and it could be quite handy.

  • dune says:

    this is just an adipation an the watercone.

    • Eric says:

      Thank you mr. obvious, where would we be without you. I’m also concerned about the smoke signal attachment, but the idea is awesome even if it exists already, this is a cool version at least!

  • William says:

    This design is quite ineffective regarding the desalination. It will of course never reach boiling temperatures to generate steam (certainly not at sea level), so -with such a small sunlit area- evaporation will mostly happen on the water top surface. This evaporation area is minimal here, it will take ages to get a single drop of distilled water.
    Secondly, the design lets the distilled water drip down. This is of course useless on an ocean, where 99.9999% of the time -if not more- the sea surface would make it wobble a bit. Your costly drop of distilled water will most likely be flinged back to the sea water container.

    The Vapor Still -as mentioned by Alex above- is much more effective: (1) larger evaporation surface, (2) greenhouse effect to accumulate heat, (3) exploiting surface tension qualities of water.

  • rafa says:


  • Ekove says:

    This is cool. But what about having no sun?

  • Casi says:

    so practical!

  • Anne says:

    I'm surprised nobody's commented yet. This seems to be a great idea, though I would think it should be black (for better heat absorption) with neon/fluorescent yellow stripes. Well, maybe not black and yellow since that usually means 'hazardous', but something darker than just yellow.

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