The Novem Watch Shows Us You Can be Traditional yet Refreshingly Unique

We’ve covered our fair share of watches at YD, and as a design website, a lot of it doesn’t boil down to feature lists, but to how the watch aesthetically presents those features… because regardless of how good a watch is, it only connects to its users through aesthetics and emotional design.

The Novem, a moon phase watch, puts a twist on contemporary styling and tradition with its asymmetric dial, unconventional body (which looks like a combination of circular and rectangular), and mesmeric concentric circular watch-face design. A pleasure to wear and look at as light bounces off the dial and the watch’s body, the Novem tells the time, indicates the phases of the moon, and comes with two additional subdials that tell the date and month.

The Novem comes with a 706.3 Ronda movement encased in a 316L Stainless Steel case. An enlarged crown lets you change the time, while the case’s shape itself conceals hidden pushers that let you adjust the date and time. The shape of the case also attracts one’s attention with its unconventional circular yet edgy form… only to be complemented by the watch’s face, which makes use of tightly packed circular patterns that give it a moire-ish effect, making it quite literally hypnotic.

Aside from its uniquely striking design, the Novem comes with a pure sapphire glass cover that protects the watch from accidental scratches as well as gives it waterproofing of up to 5 ATM. Available in a variety of colors that explore traditional combinations like black, gold, and white (along with its ridgeback Italian leather straps), the Novem does a fine job of walking the line between classic and individualistic!

Designer: Alexis Holm

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The SQ39 Novem is a 40mm Swiss powered moon phase Chronograph with an inimitable silhouette.


The inspiration. Novem, Latin for the number 9 refers here to the 9 phases of the moon, but has been an auspicious digit in the history of many ancient cultures. It also traditionally represents the limit or ultimate attainment, as it is the last number in the base 10 system.


Asymmetric case, hidden pushers, true sapphire crystal lens, custom moon phase and a look all its own. Scroll down to get up close and personal.


YD’s suggested case and strap combinations!


Detail shot showing the engraved intersecting lines of the dial.


Reverse detail shot showing off hidden pusher and case assymetry.


Showing off the lines of the case and the screw-in strap attachment.


Detail shot of the polished gold buckle.


Perspective shot showing both case and dial in all its glory.


Up close with our geometrically padded calf strap.


Bored of telling the time? Get a magnifying glass and solve this maze.


Dual layer dial for more depth and three dimensional detail.


The horns of Novem. A case shape as iconic as they come.


The Novem dial showcases a wealth of intersecting engraved Guilloche lines.


The collection.


The specs.




Click here to Buy Now: $238 $380 (38% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!