A Sink-Plate for Lazy Disgusting People

You’re a sink-eater? Come on. That’s just nasty. Sometimes things are designed for the people who just love to eat their hunks over the wash-bowl. This is a plate for your dinner-table or TV-dinner that -by the looks of it- is a sink, drain and all.

But wait- if they can’t take the time to get a plate out, why would they take the time to buy a sink-plate?

Sherwood Lee is a disgusting, horrible person, and a designer:

One of the best practices in the world is eating over the sink. It’s comfortable. It’s casual. It’s quick. And most importantly, there are no dishes to wash up afterwards. But then there are some who oppose this method of eating, namely, those with so-called “manners”. Oftentimes, those people are our significant others. So, what to do if you’re fond of dining over the sink, but have to do it in secret for fear of being reprimanded for trying to enjoy your meal?

For the pro Eating-Over-The-Sink camp, there’s nothing quite like eating over the sink, but there’s a close second with the Sink Plate. It’s a plate that resembles the bottom of a sink, so you can escape the nagging without losing sight of your most beloved dining venue. For the anti Eating-Over-The-Sink crowd, the Sink Plate is a better way of weening your loved one away from the sink than loud words and furrowed brows.

Available in ceramic or steel sink styles with sink strainer decal.

JK! Mr. Lee is not a disgusting designer. In fact, Mr. Lee is a return-champion, with several posts up on Yanko with several thousand hits! Check him out with a [Yanko Search]!

This project is gross, though.


Designer: Sherwood Lee