A Sneasonal Flower Pot for Dry Times

When a fellow such as me lives in my environmental zone of the world, there are seasons for all things, including gadgets and appliances. One of these seasonal objects is the head-clearer, the life-saver, the wet-maker -yes- the humidifier.

Generally reserved for Fall and Wintertime blues, Jin-Yi Park has integrated the bringer of aquatic air with a regular old flower pot!

Designer Jin-Yi Park has a special gift!

I started this project with one hope to make the best use of a humidifier having a large size and an unrefined design. Generally, people use a humidifier once or two times per year, and let it remain non-contacted in a storage room for a long time.

One day, I wanted to design a humidifier capable of executing other functions as well as a humidifying function. More concretely, my wish was to design a new humidifier that can be always utilized in any seasons, serving as a home interior product. This made me design a humidifier with a motive of a vase. ‘Flosis’ not only functions as a humidifier disposed on a desk or a shelf with a small size, but also provides ease to take a rest with appreciating a flower put therein. A small oasis on your desk all the time, the ‘Flosis’ is a present for you.

Let’s hope that whatever’s powering the humidifier plays nicely with the water in the vase, helping the flower(s) grow.


Designer: Jin-Yi Park


  • Owen Song says:

    Really nice! I haven’t seen this kind of design before.
    Two thumbs up. Where can I buy this?

  • brady says:

    I think this is really cool – I like how simple and clean this looks. I’d like to know where to buy one of these as well.

  • avin says:

    Unless there is someway to make sure the water in the vase stays cool, the plant will be cooked alive 🙂 , other wise, it is a beautifully done project.
    Instead of a vase, why not use a sponge for the flowers and people can buy various designed sponge. they soak up the moisture from the steam and “grow”.

    They become art when it is dried.

    Another idea is to have led light . imagine a multi colored light show with the steam and changing colors. It would be like having a mini aurora on your desk.

    Throw in a chargeable battery and Voila… it would be portable 🙂

  • carole schiller says:

    Oprah highlighted this item on her favorite things.
    would like to know if there is a location in the US to order.
    please contact …..
    [email protected]

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