A Sneasonal Flower Pot for Dry Times

When a fellow such as me lives in my environmental zone of the world, there are seasons for all things, including gadgets and appliances. One of these seasonal objects is the head-clearer, the life-saver, the wet-maker -yes- the humidifier.

Generally reserved for Fall and Wintertime blues, Jin-Yi Park has integrated the bringer of aquatic air with a regular old flower pot!

Designer Jin-Yi Park has a special gift!

I started this project with one hope to make the best use of a humidifier having a large size and an unrefined design. Generally, people use a humidifier once or two times per year, and let it remain non-contacted in a storage room for a long time.

One day, I wanted to design a humidifier capable of executing other functions as well as a humidifying function. More concretely, my wish was to design a new humidifier that can be always utilized in any seasons, serving as a home interior product. This made me design a humidifier with a motive of a vase. ‘Flosis’ not only functions as a humidifier disposed on a desk or a shelf with a small size, but also provides ease to take a rest with appreciating a flower put therein. A small oasis on your desk all the time, the ‘Flosis’ is a present for you.

Let’s hope that whatever’s powering the humidifier plays nicely with the water in the vase, helping the flower(s) grow.


Designer: Jin-Yi Park