Rainbow Star Cutey Review

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of receiving the Rainbow Star Cutey by Lumenworks. I have a major weakness for groovy lighting, especially ones that change colors. This sweet little beast of a light is a smaller version to Lumenworks Rainbow Star light. Its base is made of metal and the transparent acrylic top is the icing on the cake for this little beauty. When I plugged it in the first time, I made sure that I was in a dark room where no light could enter in. The treat I received once the Rainbow Star Cutey started its rotation of colors left me relaxed and oddly enough, feeling quite cheerful. I couldn’t wait for the rest of my family to take part in this delightful eye treat. Needless to say, I have become quite addicted to its soothing effects and when I want to just chill and release the stresses of the day, I turn off the lights and turn on the Cutey. Not only would this little jewel be good for mellowing out, but put on some lively music, dim the lights just a hair and liven the ambience of your party.

Lumenworks is a lighting company in Japan. They are recognized as being an eco-friendly company – Yay Lumenworks! – All of their illumination is from LED which results in conservation of energy as well as a longer lighting lifespan.

What We Liked:

  • The smooth transitioning of the light effects
  • The compact size
  • The vibrancy of the colors
  • Green company

What could be improved:

  • More color options
  • The time between color changes would be better if it was increased

Designer: LumenWorks Design [ Buy It Here ]


  • Julien says:

    I like those colors =)

  • RobertPattinsonIsHot says:

    yeah, the colors areawesome..

  • Mook Lee says:

    i did that in high school but only flatter….great design btw.

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