Instead of clicking photos, this AI Camera doodles them


The results may look childish, but what the ‘Draw This’ camera manages to do is quite smart, as it mimics what we as humans do when we practice real-life sketches.

Tapping into Google’s repository of doodles from its Quick Draw project back in 2016, the Draw This camera uses a tiny camera lens module, a Raspberry Pi computer, and a thermal printer to capture images, detect the objects within them, and doodle/print them out for you, turning the concept of the Polaroid into something that’s more quirky, fun, and can sometimes be a hilarious hit-and-miss!

“One of the fun things about this re-imagined camera is that you never get to see the original image. You point, and shoot – and out pops a cartoon; the camera’s best interpretation of what it saw. The result is always a surprise. A food selfie of a healthy salad might turn into an enormous hotdog, or a photo with friends might be photobombed by a goat.”, says creator Dan Macnish, who’s made the code for the Draw This camera public on GitHub, so tinkerers and makers can create their own versions of the camera. Would make a great addition to a game of Pictionary, wouldn’t it??

Designer: Dan Macnish