The Best Render of a Yacht I’ve Ever Seen

Everyone has at least one yacht. I have six. But for those who want a yacht that’s unlike their other yachts, there’s the SENTORI 58R. The SENTORI 58R is a flybridge motor yacht, with three decks, a length of about 18m and a displacement of 28to. And it’s totally phat.

From the designer, Mr. Gumpold:

My name is Christian Gumpold and I’m a postgraduate of the University of Applied Science in Graz, Austria for industrial design. My partner Christopher Gloning and I developed a 58 feet flybridge motoryacht during our diploma thesis, together with a cooperation partner. The target is serial production. In february of 2009 the first prototype will be finished. Just now my partner and i are working on detailing and are founding a design studio, specializing on naval architecture.

And some of the massive amount of details:

The vessel is powered by 2x 715 HP volvo penta diesel engines and can reach a topspeed of about 30knots. The interior layout is organized into 3 decks: the main deck, consisting of the open air stern-area directly connected to the lounge area, the pantry, dinette, and main helm station, as well as a sunbathing area at the bow section. The owners state room, the vip cabin, and the guest cabin, each with own bathroom, shower and toilet are located in the lower deck. On the third deck the second helm station is located, as well as a lounge area, a sunbathing area and the wet-bar including a fridge, a washing basin and a barbecue pit.

Exterior design: usually the height of vessels having a length of up to 18m and being constructed as a flybridge-version, is proportionally not ideal. the draft of SENTORI 58R, in comparison, appears extremely low and wide, especially the rear view. The general exterior- design language of the vessel is mainly inspired by automotive design, using surface tensions and automotive, coupe- type key elements.

As the second helm station on the flybride is exposed to climatic influence it can be protected by automatically flattening the instruments and covering the whole keyboard with a sliding transparent panel. The wet bar is one of the key elements on SENTORI 58R: it does not only serve as a common bar, but it is also a skylight for the main deck and illuminates the flybridge at night.

Let me tell you, if you want more info than this, post comment questions and Mr. Gumpold or one of his associates I’m sure would be happy to answer some way or another. There are so many features included in this yacht, you’d think they were designing it for rich people.

Can you believe it!

In a nutshell, this is the fatboy motorcycle or coupe version of a yacht. Get this and [email protected]

Designers: Christian Gumpold & Christopher Gloning of Motion Code Blue


  • Armin says:

    Great design. I’d have a technical question:
    How is the flybridge supported? I’m no structural engineer, hence my curiosity 🙂

    • christian gumpold says:

      there is a hidden superstructure in the interior which supports the flybridge!
      the glass element above the large “bow” of the greenhous suggests a real “flying bridge”, but its just a glass panel to connect all glass surfaces since this is a major key feature of the exterior design;
      on the first interior pic one can see some supporting elements on the right side.

      best regards christian gumpold;

  • Jorge says:


  • Blanco says:

    Cheers to a beautiful design…

    What will the name of your firm be and will it be strictly design, design/build? And what type of barriers to entry (cost, competition, etc.)have you experienced as you try to enter the yacht building business?

    Benjamin E.

    • christian gumpold says:

      hy benjamin!

      first of all thnaks for your comment reguarding the designwork!

      our designstudios name will be “motion code: blue” and we want to specialize ourselfes on naval architecture such as all types of yachts, dingis and maritime equipment. since our first product is currently in the building phase, we hope to get new orders and customers when SENTORI 58 R is launched and present in the media (which has already started).
      but we surely offer also all other design disciplines (industrial design, transportaion design, graphic design).

      the yacht will cost appox. 1 mio. euros and with our outstanding, modern design we found a niche in the market which is currently not taken by many competitors, so we expect good chances for SENTORI to become a modern stylish yachtbrand for our design oriented target group!

      best regards, christian

  • Keith says:

    I agree that these are some top-rate renderings you got there.

  • Anonymous. says:


  • WonkaStudio says:

    Actually this boat is really incredible, I like this Black gloss design, wow !

  • jordi says:

    I invite you to meet the “A0” cat or “G zero” runabout, of UBICA. You can see it at
    these renders are awesome too!
    i hope you enjoy it!

  • JEN says:

    we are a shipyard in Taiwan,think she is a beauty.
    would like to know what is the cost to take this design?

    Best regrads


    • christian gumpold says:

      hello yen,
      can you send me your private contact details (email or skype,..) then we can talk about the business,…!

      my skype name is chris_gumpold or email:
      [email protected]

      see you! chris

  • Sean says:

    Amazing renderings – wondering if the boat is for inland lakes only? perhaps all the sharp interior angles will cause some pain out on the ocean..

  • BroOf says:

    I would buy it if I had enough money 😀

  • Jimmy C says:

    Looks exciting! So clean too.

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