Honda Reveals Hydrogen-Powered Hot Speedster

Yesterday Honda revealed their modern shot at a hydrogen-powered vehicle. Progress on at least the green front, but look at that jet on the back! The Honda FC Sport is straight out a certain “Speed” cartoon-to-movie. V-Flow fuel cell stack and electric drivetrain from the FCX Clarity. Three seater, similar to the McLaren F1 supercar, the driver sits front and center while the two passengers sit on either side of him or her. I’ll be borrowing this tomorrow for it’s supreme race on die Autobahn.

UPDATE: Honda denied my request to borrow the FC Sport. Updates as they happen.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2008 – Honda today revealed the Honda FC Sport design study model, a hydrogen-powered, three-seat sports car concept, at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show:

The FC Sport emphasizes the design flexibility and potential of Honda’s V Flow fuel cell technology – already deployed in the Honda FCX Clarity sedan – and reconfigures it into a lightweight sports car design with an ultra-low center of gravity, powerful electric motor performance and zero-emissions. The design study concept is inspired by supercar levels of performance through low weight and a high-performance, electrically driven fuel cell powertrain.

“The Honda FC Sport explores how to satisfy automotive performance enthusiasts in a world beyond petroleum,” said Dan Bonawitz, vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “People who love sports cars will still have a reason to love in a hydrogen-powered future.”

I love a hydrogen-powered future, don’t I? With a donkey like that? Idunno.

Designer : Honda Motors [ Via: Auto Blog Green ]

Photos: Copyright ©2008 Sam Abuelsamid and Sebastian Blanco / Weblogs, Inc.


  • Henrique Staino says:

    Talk about an ugly roadster, huh? what’s with that back? horrendous…

  • powers says:

    GROSS! The worst thing about Honda is that they always come up with these crazy concepts and then NEVER implement. When will this company crawl out of mediocrity? Oh well, I guess someone has to provide transportation to people who care nothing about it.

  • Sylus says:

    Expected transforms in to a flying car as well.Not
    yet 🙁

    • abv says:

      the japanese developers are wayy too addicted into the gundam series. this is just the begining. soon cars would be designed in the shape of a body arms and legs, then all the honda eco cars will combine to a supreme Zaku.

  • Chris2046 says:

    hahaaa the front is fine…..but bad ass

  • trimtab21 says:

    looks great from the front and side – that back reminds me of a baboon’s butt.

  • thule says:

    It looks like somebodys schoolwork! GROSS!!!

  • Olternaut says:

    I really REALLY like the front end’s design. And the sides aren’t bad too. But the rear….yup that will have to be redesigned.

    But it is annoying to realize that NONE of these concept idea will make it into a production car until YEARSSSSSSSSSSSS from now.

    Why not now? I dunno. I wish I knew.

  • anonymous says:

    i do not see what’s so bad about the rear end, besides being a hazard when you’re backing up.

    it’s an interesting, futuristic design that you have to ponder about a little bit. japanese concept cars are many times underestimated in my opinion.

  • M72 says:

    Nice car. Clean energy.
    But the back of the vehicle looks like some sort of exhausts from a space ship 🙂

  • Luke Riggall says:

    It looks really good except it has the worst rear end ever…

    They’ve just taken the design from lambos and mixed em up a bit.

    Check out the new lambos on their site to see what they are trying to create… NO CHANCE


  • stephen russell says:

    I want one to Rent, maybe Lease.
    Id drive this Honda & that Honda Hovercar model.
    Way 2 Cool.
    Come on Honda-Produce this.
    Must for 2015?

  • Bazak says:


  • afri says:

    that's coool…

  • AA kwangila says:

    wooow the car look very fine in creature.But the back of the car….

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