Electric Trees Light the Hallway, Green Style

How would you like to be able to accessorize your tree-house, (or your regular house, for that matter,) with tree-branches of light? I would like that a lot. Yes please. Wan-jin Joo, and Hyun-Joung Yoo present the Arbre, a light-up tree whose concept makes other light-up trees look like a garbage truck unloading trash at a landfill.

Designers Wan-jin Joo, and Hyun-Joung Yoo present the Arbre

Since the beginning of the 21st century, environmental friendly design in material and shape has been getting increasingly important. So I made lightning that gives us a feeling just like nature is getting into the house literally by using tree-shape. For light, LEDs are used, while recycled plastic is used for the branch part. Arbre utilizes a module method of lighting. To use this light, the user must put the branch shaped pieces into one another. As the human inspires life into the tree, the tree releases the light through its branches.

When you take trees and make them light up like we’re at Rivendell in the springtime, you’ve got the attention of… elves. Also lots of other people! This strange and excellent an idea would only be at home in an interior specifically tailored for tree-like forms (or a [Grid-House] sort of deal.)

Or would it be at home in your home?

And more importantly:

Do you live in a tree-house, and can I visit?

Designers: Wan-jin Joo & Hyun-Joung Yoo