This series of sheet-metal lamps look like Suprematist hanging planters

With the allure and appearance of minimal greenery (for the lack of a better term), Katerina Sokolova’s Suprematic lamps for NOOM brighten the home, quite literally, if I may add! The 3-part lamps come fabricated from powder-coated sheet metal and metallic pipe cross-sections, and can be simply assembled by fitting them together using interlocking cutouts.

The lamps cast a warm, downward light that takes on a diffused greenish glow, thanks to Suprematic’s powder-coated color-palette, both illuminating spaces as well as creating a sense of calm, not too different from the calm associated with having plants around you… because the Suprematic does look like an abstract, suprematist Bauhaus take on a planter with plants!

Designer: Kateryna Sokolova for NOOM