Ordrup School – Peace & Absorption by Bosch & Fjord

Forget about traditional school design with a teacher’s desk and a black board. At Ordrup School in Gentofte, Denmark, Bosch & Fjord has settled with traditional design of school interiors and instead created varied rooms with space for differentiated teaching and creative thinking. You will find heightened window seating where you can sit and watch the world outside, green platforms with round, red holes where discussions can buzz and bubble and large upholstered tubes where you can hide with a good book or to spend some time alone.

Thinking that all people are different, thinks differently and learn differently Bosch & Fjord has created a complete and challenging design at Ordrup School. The design is based in three concepts, ‘peace & absorption’, ‘discussion & cooperation’ and ‘security & presence’, that will separate the individual areas in distinct functions and create new rooms for learning. By separating the activities and creating varied rooms Bosch & Fjord has created a space for dissimilarity in both teaching and play where the learning situation will be optimized.

Designer: Bosch & Fjord