When Nature Calls (Differently)


I’ve noticed a terrible tendency in me of late. I’m in front of my laptop. I’ve got Facebook open. Just then, my hand reaches for my phone, and I habitually unlock it and open Facebook on my mobile. Literally while Facebook is running on my computer in front of me. When this act of absolute obsession dawned on me, I realized what a sucker for gadgetry I had become. The Disconnect alarm is something people like me need. Periodically, it’ll open up and give you a message telling you to put away that slab of electronics and connect with the material world. Strangely enough, it even comes with an app (kinda goes against what it says, doesn’t it?), that allows you to customize Disconnect’s salient features. Well, as long as it gets me to stop taking quizzes on which Hogwarts House is suited for me based on my Starbucks Order… Sheesh!

Designer: Ben Ingignieri