Collapsable Table, Great Drawers

Take a peek at this, it’s called KanapËtko, and it’s no less than a convertible desk on wheels. It’s made for artists, designers, and all manner of creative people. It can close all the way up to take up little space when not in use, and folds out to be a comfortable working place, equipped with “all the things that a designer might need. The desk has three drawers on the main side, a drawer for a printer or scanner on the back side.

There’s a lighting floor, extendible cable, and stereo speaker to connect iPods or other kinds of music players. Great running action on the drawers with a Servo-Drive system that works with or without the handles – this electrical operating system was designed by DImitrov with BLUM in collaboration. Plus, Blumotion technology provides silent and effortless closing of the drawers. Wacky smooth.

Designer: Krassi Dimitrov