My Cutlery is More High Tech Than Yours

The IC3 concept consists of a computerized shaft with 3 interchangeable eating apparatuses; fork, spoon, and knife. The fork analyzes composition such as fat, protein, sugars. The spoon measures weight, and the knife takes temperature readings. Together this info creates a detailed report on what you’re eating, helpful to those with diabetes and nutritional sufficiencies. Gone are the days of lying to your doctor, “yes I ate my 5 servings of veggies.” The IC3 concept is currently on display at the Designparcours Munich 2008 exhibition.

Designer: Alex Schulz


  • CoolProducts says:

    Wow. Talk about counting calories. That’s just a little too excessive if you ask me.

  • zippyflounder says:

    “helpful” lol, just wait untill your helth insurence carrier gets your report from that thing…insta drop. Not to worry, the tech would require some major order of magnitude leaps before its likely to happen and by that time we will likey be chipped anyway.

  • omnomnom says:

    Health insurance carriers wont be a problem, who says I cant feed the vegetables to the trashcan with the fork and eat the delicious junk food with my fingers.

    • zippyflounder says:

      no doubt it samples your saliva and does a quicky dna scan…anything is possiable in concept land 🙂

  • Carl says:

    this is nothing but a joke

  • catastrophegirl says:

    actually i could totally go for a utensil that would give me sugar/carb readings. would be loads easier as a diabetic to figure out restaurant food if i just brought my own utensils rather than guessing

  • YX says:

    Where can I get one??? plz tell me 😀

  • mel says:

    so naive…

  • google says:

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