What’s Black and White and Read All Over?

The obvious answer is concept cell phones with E ink displays. Despite their lamentable lack of color range, E ink mobiles are just all the rage these days. This concept from Anthony Reed stays a bit more inside the box with simplistic grid styling that keeps everything well within the gray scale range of the display.  When all you have to work with is black and white, maybe its best to embrace it fully instead of covering it up in flashy case graphics.

Designer: Anthony Reed


  • Victor says:

    Fantastic design. Pretending is never good. Something either is, or is not, one way. Trying to stay in the in-between doesn’t work well. Congrats!

  • zippyflounder says:

    it is clean, but i do think the i phones direction is the one that will in the end be dominate with or without e ink. Full color e ink was just demonstrated by the way….

  • alphasmart says:

    Actually, this would make for a really great idea for a unique phone. Imagine a touchscreen phone (or “com”, or whatever) where the GUI is styled like paper doodles and essentially draws itself on startup and in the transitions between menus. It would look soo classy.

  • rawlus says:

    bring on the e-ink goodness.

  • CoolProducts says:

    Very cool design. I just wonder how durable it is, like scratches and what not.

  • adam says:

    Beautiful design. It reminds me of my Motorola Motofone F3. The E-ink display is awesome..low power, easy to read — especially in direct sunlight. Bring on the e-ink!!

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