Hard Drives as Easy to Install as Ink Cartridges

You love plug-and-play, yes? You also enjoy modifying your computer, right? Too much effort? Vas Obeyesekere of Point Innovation says: no way! The Evolve Modular CPU takes the soldering out of CPU enhancement, and makes it green in the process! You love green.

Vas Obeyesekere introduces the Evolve like so: “From an everyday user’s perspective, being green is not enough to justify a change. In this respect, the Evolve can transform between mobile and home computing configurations, can expand or contract its module based components to meet any user’s needs, and has an aesthetic fitting most modern environments, despite it’s subtle green branding.”

Read below for extended details on this conceptual computer model.

And P.S., a bit of a side-note: for those of you who have been putting computers together your entire lives, easy as pie: I bet you feel strong and good. I envy you fully, as that part of my brain does me no good. But I do challenge you to a webpage building contest. We’ll see who is plug-and-play then.

Designer: Vas Obeyesekere of Point Innovation