Media Centers: Not Just for Nerds

Let me tell you what a media center is, first of all: it’s a computer. It’s a computer from which you have a bunch of cords and plugs and bluetooth and everything running into and out of so you can, from that one machine, run your whole media experience in your home. What have we got here? “Mod Systems’ GreenPlay” system from Samuel Hoang with Teague – a media center without all the keyboards and mice!

A) Mod System’s GreenPlay software engages your main system with your “set top boxes” and storage units throughout the house for easy management. Music, movies, tv shoes, and photos. It’s connected to Mod Systems online library from whens mass amounts of media can be purchased or rented.

B) The online library of Mod Systems is a fully interactive customer and administrator user interface designed just for the GreenPlay system.

Digital content galore!

C) The GreenPlay Set Top Boxes connect to high definition televisions and other networked devices (such as speakers, your PC control station, etc.) Designed at the same time as a digital interface and a physical object, this is made to fit into the home in more ways than one.

The full integrated experience is what this is all about.

Designer: Samuel Hoang with Teague

GreenPlay household media center system by Samuel Hoang with Teague



i love the chemical brothers




  • confucius says:

    Where do I get me some of these mysterious TV shoes Chris?

    • Chris Burns says:

      lol, confucius that’s something i do not know. I DO know that I need to learn how to run the comma machine.

  • Samuel Hoang says:

    Thanks for the post, Chris. I would also like to credit the other designers from Teague on the design: Matt Wolfe, Erick Waldman, Dustin Williams, Tau Siroko, Brandon Lynne, and Ben Collette.

  • Ad Player says:

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