Hanging in Orbit

This pendant lamp from Lucie Koldova is dubbed Orbital Light for obvious formal reasons, but all I know is that it should have been in 2001: a Space Odyssey. The LED diodes that line the inside of the ribs cast a kind of omnidirectional glow on all nearby surfaces, giving the interior a very futuristic ambient light. The project was apparently designed for grand-scale interiors and halls, but maybe my kitchenette would also be appropriate.

Designer: Lucie Koldova


  • Iperpaolo says:

    I would see what kind of light this lamp can emit.
    how much large is this lamp?
    I developped a similar spherical concept (spherical distribution of light)If you put an object in the center of this lamp the object will not have any shadow.

  • Andrea Meini says:

    Good idea of the wheel in the wheel, the omnidirectional but I believe that once again we have not taken account of the potential features related to lighting. This is certainly an object of design but I think the interesting property poor lighting, linked to projected shadows.

    by Idea Light di Andrea Meini

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