Ultimate Suffering Over Spilt Soup

Have you ever felt like the 80’s were over? Have you ever felt like those TV-trays you used were pretty excellent, but then again, pretty wobbly? Have you ever felt like you needed a giant retro-futuristic table chair in your home, but never had the courage to ask for it? Buck up, bucko, because Stefano Rubertelli has got what your chicken-noodle-craving, couch-potato self is sniffing for.

The designer, chair-master Stefano Rubertelli, has this to say: “Today, more than ever, the sofa is used by the single [person] for consuming snacks or having dinner in front of the TV, activity condemned by the most because the posture is unsuitable for eating. SR1 is a new type of furniture which derives from the fusion of 2 conventional profiles: that of a dinning table & chair and the one of a chaise-longue. SR1 shape blend to form one continuous surface which transits from the chaise-longue surface to the chair and the table top. Playing with soft and hard surfaces, the forwarded prolongation of the seat creates the table turning upside down. With SR1 the single can enjoy a meal in front the TV properly sit as at the dining table and then slide on the comfortable chaise-lounge carrying on watching TV. The Crypton® suede cover is comfortable, stain-resistant and easy to clean just with a wipe, water-resistant and bacteria resistant.”

Watch the Presidential Debates in the living room with your bowl of Campbells (or Tesco!) right at your fingertips. I’ll take a right-handed one as soon as I own my future-pad where I have an abundance of space to place this monster of a chair/jungle-gym for children and animal pets. Also, do you think I could get it in cornflower blue?

Designer: Stefano Rubertelli