3 is the new 4

Auto designers have been toying with the idea of three-wheeled transports for some time now and this latest concept by Higgins-Aubé called ENERGYA is pretty much another attempt at it. This side-by-side two seater is legally considered in most jurisdictions a “motorcycle”, eliminating most of the mandatory automobile systems and components that weigh down and increase the price of regular 4-wheeled automobiles. Higgins-Aubé call this segment bender a “motomobile”, and have fitted it with a hefty (200 HP) motorcycle engine powering the single rear wheel. Future(future) designs will see an all-electric drivetrain that will take all the vroom vroom out and replace it with pssshh psshhh.

Designer: Higgins-Aubé


  • Keith says:

    I like the big sails behind the seats in case you want to…well, actually that just looks like a bad design since they serve no good purpose. A windscreen might be nice to have as well. I mean seriously, does this designer know anything about aerodynamic efficiency?

    • Danny says:

      Keith, Paul: You guys obviously lack some knowledge about race car design. These “sails” as you call them are called roll-bars. And they are designed to prevent the occupant’s head from being crushed in case of roll over. Look at any open-wheel cars (including Formula 1, and I am pretty sure these guys know a thing or two about aerodynamics…) and you will see a roll-bar. So either you loose a bit on the aerodynamics (say a couple of km/h) or you loose your head in case of a roll-over. Your call.

      • Blah says:

        Also, it looks like they are some kind of air intake.. which actually makes it
        1) Good use of space given
        2) Good planning; with the dynamics of the hood, the intakes would recieve a large amount of air
        however, some kind of windscreen would be good to protect the occupants..

  • paul says:

    What are you talking about? The aerodynamics are perfect….as long as you’re going in reverse 🙂

  • Carl says:

    i prefer the atom

  • Alp says:

    very nice design.. Im also working on some concept recently, its for a competition, the only common thing is how weird the mudguards feel 🙂

    I think the mudguards need more design work. The rest is beautiful, well done.

  • Xavier says:

    This is a blatant copy of the KTM Xbow… Bad design!

  • titis ali says:

    that is funny and very creative….. we like it….

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