Speed Away On Speedway

You wait till you’re legit enuf to drive and then you wish you didn’t have to! Truth is traffic snarls, parking woes, speedster and drunk drivers are out there to get you. So how about a future where cars no longer line the streets, they move magnetically, come in two modes and give you freedom from traffic jams. How about a future with the Speedway Concept Car? A future where we revolutionize the infrastructure facility by embedding the highways and streets with linear motors.

The idea is to enhance the current limited range and speed of the electric vehicles by putting in a linear motor into the highways. This external propulsion is embedded beneath the pavement and drives the vehicle by a drifting magnetic field. Due to the transfer of the propulsion power for long range drives into the infrastructure, the futuristic car can be lighter and nifty.

Förg says that the “contact-free operating linear motor can be installed beneath existing roads and therefore offer the possibility to implement the new system step-by-step, without derailing the existing system. During the ride, the infrastructure can be used to charge the onboard batteries.”

Speedway’s interiors transcend between two different shapes and modes effortlessly. In the City-mode, the car becomes compact thus saving space and resolving parking issues. In this mode the seats of the car are upright and elevated to give a better overview.

In the Speedway-mode, the aerodynamics of the car optimizes. The front seat turns around and switches to a more comfortable communicative position.

Förg also proposes that we build parking towers where the cars can speed away to (automatically) once you disembark from it.

I know many of you are going to shake your head and go…here’s another one of those sci-fi-movies-inspired thang, but I tell you something like this is quite needed. I mean, have you seen the traffic jams at peak hours? Once passionate, now I dread driving me car!

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Designer: Christian Förg

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9isV-rX4YMo 468 344]



Speedway Concept Car by Christian Forg